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The QueueDec 11, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Transmogs of days gone by

I already miss this transmog look, but the aesthetic of Shadowlands — and the fact that sunglasses can’t be transmogged — eventually meant I had to let the red and gold go.

For now.

Next anniversary the sunglasses come right back.

But you’re here for questions. Let’s get to it.


Q4tQ: My wife and I are really enjoying doing Threads of Fate on our alts. The one thing that we’ve noticed is that after doing the four zones quests we’re just at level 59. Which isn’t a problem because dungeons give a good amount of XP for doing them. So for now we’re going to do WQ for gear and XP and spam dungeons until we’re level 60. So my question is, have you used the Threads of Fate feature yet and what have you thought about this new feature?

I’m trying to get my main geared up to do Nathria, so I haven’t even gotten into alts yet. But by my understanding, dropping the main story quest cuts into a lot of your XP so I’m not sure if I want do it for alts. It’s kind of like Diablo’s Adventure Mode — you’re skipping the story and doing a lot of World Quests — except in Diablo killing mobs is a big part of your XP gain , so you can make it that particular sort of grind. (That particular sort of grind is basically the point of the whole game.) In WoW most of your XP comes from quests, and cutting out such a substantial number of them seems like it either makes things challenging or makes things boring. (World Quests forever?)

But all of that said… I may do it for my next alt so I can just jump into new story rather than repeating the old. And getting a Covenant up-front seems really helpful. I know my Paladin would have loved to have Divine Toll for the entire leveling experience. (I decided to just stop doing dungeons until I got it again; it’s such a big part of the Holy healing rotation.)

TLDR: I think Threads of Fate cuts out a lot of your XP options and is a less interesting leveling experience. But it also cuts out the endless repetition of content you otherwise have when leveling an alt. I suspect, for me, the former outweighs the latter, but YMMV.


Q4Liz: who’s your favorite Old God?

N’Zoth. I wouldn’t want anyone else whispering dark secrets into my ears.


How many raid tiers would u sacrifice to have the pathfinder mount be covenant themed wings?

This is a tough question for me since I genuinely enjoy raiding… but being able to fly with wings is an incredible thought. Could it maybe be wings plus something else, so we have something to do while waiting for the next content drop? I could do that.

TLDR: I would sacrifice exactly one raid tier in exchange for wings.


Q4TQ: Who is your chosen champion for world’s this weekend? I am team USA so go Bloodyface! Maybe third time is the charm for her!

I feel like you might be looking for a thoughtful answer, but I picked Bankyugi because he was first on the list and I haven’t been following professional Hearthstone lately to make anything resembling an informed decision. (To be honest, I’ve been following it a lot less since it moved off Twitch. I never seem to know when matches are on anymore.)

To everyone who has no idea what we’re talking about, you can win packs by picking someone to win the Hearthstone World Championship this weekend.


Find any “must have” pets yet?

Denathrius drops his sentient sword, which is a pet rather than a weapon.

And that’s all for today, friends. Have a good weekend, stay safe, and tell your loved ones you love them. And maybe also play some games, because there are a lot of good ones out there right now.

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