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The QueueJan 19, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Chaddius!

Have you ever seen a small owl-like creature pulled out from the ether and its impeccable fashion sense lets you know immediately that you’ve found a kindred spirit?

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we answer them with our new best friend.


Q4tQ: What’s your “nighttime” ritual? I mean your characters, when you log out.

Mine varies from one expac to the next. I used to always lie my character down on a bed in an inn (or in a hammock). In SL, I’ve taken to sleeping at Ysera’s feet in the middle of the night fae sanctum. I walk up to her in cat form, target her and go:
and then log off. Every day. It just wouldn’t be right otherwise xD

I have made it a habit to always log out in the Heart of the Forest, just because it feels so bad to start almost anywhere else. I start off my morning with mission table and mushroom friend, and though I don’t think the flight itself is any longer than, say, Dalaran to Suramar, adding in the weird time warp makes it feel like it takes forever. So, I try to make Past Anna do that bit. I deal better with the impatience when I’m less tired, but logging in kinda sets the tone for the day, and logging in to take that incredibly long-feeling wyrm ride doesn’t start us off with a bang.

The last thing I usually do before I log out is find one of the random spirits with voice lines poke at them a time or two. They’re just so charming and I’m glad they’re my friends.


Has anybody created a guide to Torghast that talks about what ilvl is recommended for each class to finish a layer?

It varies, by a lot, because part of the heavily airquoted “fun” of Torghast rests in your Anima powers.

Speaking as a Hunter, I didn’t have a ton of trouble going into higher levels relatively early on the ilvl curve — as long as I got good powers. I knew if my first power was the one that boosts Tar Trap and the second was the one that boosts Eyes of the Beast, my run was going to be much more challenging than the ones where I got really choice powers. Elethium Weights alone carried me far higher than I had any business being. I think I did my first Layer 8 at around 170 item level with the Weights and a chance-on-hit leech power — a feat which took me a while to replicate due to the fact I was rocking a 158 weapon for far, far too long.

Unfortunately — given the time sunk cost — you just have to try it. On the bright side, I believe the higher Layers are still locked until you do the one just below it, so that’ll give you ample opportunity to do just that! If you finish a 4 by the skin of your teeth with crappy powers, a 5 may still be doable, as long as the RNG gods favor you. Good luck!


Q4tQ Can Draenei do ballet? On the one hand, they’re always on their toes, but I don’t see how they could do pointe work.

First of all, anyone who wants to can do ballet. You just have to have the discipline to practice it. It’s the same with any other skill you might want to learn, from painting to coding to writing.

That said, I do find it doubtful that Draenei would be professional dancers though, because their different posture and center of gravity would make it very tough for them to get proper form, and if they were partnered their partner would have a whole lot of adapting to do. Also, hooves are murder on marley.


Q4tQ: Is there any explanation for the random covenant NPCs we meet in Torghast, like Indigo and Penthia of the Night Fae, or Moriaz and Buttons of the Necrolords? Why are they in Torghast anyway? Were they abducted by the Jailors armies, or was there a specific reason they were sent to the Maw and we just set free some dangerous criminals?

They were abducted by the Jailer’s forces and are being held captive.

None of the other spirits who made it to the Maw — do they all get a chance to flunk out of Revendreth first? — were assigned their Hogwarts House. The Maw supercedes it. If Buttons were irredeemably evil and in the Maw for their wicked deeds, they wouldn’t be a Necrolord at all, they would just be a lost soul doomed for all eternity.

Now I’m sad. Hug your Buttons for me, y’all.

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