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The QueueJan 20, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Chaddius!

I have no idea what’s going on right now. But never let it be said I won’t go along with a joke, if only to see if Mitch decides to play along.


Q4tQ: How the heck are these gold and silver missions supposed to work? Every single one fails and it’s say a level 16 that I put my level 20/21 guys on. I try to match the power or whatever the number is by the sword or even the health when I can which doesn’t seem to match on those mission (ie: health 7300 vs power of 264) they’re frustrating as all get out.

This is one of those times when I put a question up here not because I know the answer, but because I do not. If anyone has some advice for Xerianne — and for me, because every time I do one of these my guys get spanked — I’d really appreciate it and I’m sure Xerianne would as well. Help us out, y’all.


Is it me or is the Maw getting bigger (as viewed from Oribos or Revendreth. Haven’t looked from anywhere else)

I was under the impression it got bigger when Denathrius fed all the stolen Anima from Revendreth into it, but if it’s still getting bigger I hadn’t noticed. Anyone else have an opinion?


My Elemental Shaman is a Necrolord. One of the NPC’s I regularly deal with in Maldraxxus clearly used to be a Grummle. A warrior Grummle? How in the name of the Shadowlands does a Grummle wind up in Maldraxxus? His Luckydo’s not so Lucky?

Lo, unto me bend your ear and hear the tale of the Warrior Grummle
Upon his enemy’s spines and their faces he did trample
His rampage was the power of a Grand Expedition Yak unleased
And he did not stop fighting until his foes lay deceased



its like the game knows people just finished the campaign and all have at least lfr weapons, so NOW it showers us in WQ weapon rewards

There were three shields for me and all were just slightly worse than the shield I got from that quest, so I kind of laughed bitterly.


Q: How much does the ilvl of your conduits on your active soulbind go into your character’s overall item level, anyway? I just got an ilvl 200 potency conduit from Nurgash.

Based on my unscientific ‘checking my ilevel after upgrading my conduits’ test, not at all.


Q4TQ: who is the best video game character of all time?
Rules: only ONE answer, and answer FAST, no overthinking this.

Mine is Samus Aran.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. See y’all next week.

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