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The QueueFeb 2, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Snow day!

It isn’t even snowing where I live, and I’m excited. You could even say that I’m…

Blizzard Watching.

This is The Queue, where you have questions, and they may not be all about the video games.


Do you still get to the DMF from the base of Thunder Bluff?

Yep! You can get to the Faire from the original Fairegrounds. If you don’t feel like making like a Tauren and hoofing it, there’s a Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage in the portal room in Orgrimmar and Dalaran — and Stormwind for the Alliance — that portals you to the portal so you can take the portal.


Q4tQ: Do you think Bolvar will have us rescue Arthas for Caelia’s sake?

Calia’s sake? I doubt this. She hasn’t really expressed any deep longing for closure or other contact with her brother. However, I get the feeling that finding Arthas will be crucial in bringing Uther his ultimate redemption. Both the quest itself as a proving ritual and likely some McGuffin of Arthas’s will likely be just the thing we’ll need to allow Uther to finally Ascend.

In this scenario I do think we’ll see Calia have some kind of, “hey bro, I’m the leader of Sylvanas’s Forsaken now, pretty ironic,” dialogue, but her story is more or less separate from his. Obviously, his turning to the Scourge and murdering their father wasn’t the best big bro move, and there’s a certain amount of driving action at the core, but her story is much more tied to Deathwing and Sylvanas than Arthas.

By that token, many of the Forsaken have a meatier bone to pick with him than she does, since the original Forsaken were initially under his thrall. Though Arthas was petty and vindictive to, say, Sylvanas, ultimately it’s the people of his fallen kingdom he owes the greatest, most unpayable debt. I’d love to see Arthas get his comeuppance, not from a singular specific powerful character, but at the hands of a legion of people who all stand up, one by one, en masse, to destroy him.

You know, again. We already kinda did that once, didn’t we.


Maldraxxus just went pitch dark from one second to the next. I’ve seen this happening before, does anyone know why it does that?

Soul Rain. It’s just the weather effect for that area.


Q4TQ: Is LFR Denathrius tomorrow? If so do you plan to brave it?

Yes! And uh, maybe tomorrow.

Seriously, night one of fights like Denathrius tend to have some kinks that need to be ironed out, either in terms of people who are more experienced than I formulating a sort-of LFR strategy, or flat out bug fixes. Maybe next week. Or, looking at my schedule, next month. Maybe.


Q4tQ: maybe it’s been answered, but what is BW’s plan, if any, for covering BlizzConline?

It’s going to be pretty much the same as it always is for the Home team — but this year, everyone is the Home team.

As with last year, we’re not going to do to-the-minute liveblogs, but we will be doing breakout posts on the highlights and smaller things you should know. We’ve found that the more sweeping, comprehensive posts aren’t as useful, because the tidbits y’all are actually interested in get lost beneath the large announcements. For example, “Patch 9.1 is Llama Madness!” is obviously the main headline, and a post we’ll write, but in making that the headline we can also miss headlines like, “You can fly in 9.1 — after you grind Renown with new Llama Trainers,” or “New Barbershop customizations let any character be a llama,” something which is paradoxically less important on a grand scale and also more impactful on how the game will be played — and something that a specialist site like us would want to draw attention to.

We’ll likely do a couple of demi-index roundup posts at the end of every day so you can see what you’ve missed, too.

We’ll be continuing to use our Discord as a hangout spot, which includes a few channels — spoilery and non — everyone can see and interact with, as well as exclusive chat rooms and a look behind the scenes for Blizzard Watch Patrons from the $10 level. We’ll also likely post a Queue on both days to hang out, too.

We’re not completely set in stone yet, but we have some great stuff up our sleeves, and I’m getting more and more excited. And nervous. And excited!

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