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The QueueMar 3, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Odyn is a jerk

I’m running Tomb of Sargeras again after my Castle Nathria raid, while listening to the theme from Cyberpunk 2077 because I really dig it. The music in that game is amazing. Honestly, as long as you get it on a machine that can run it, I’d rate it as a very good CRPG and one I’m enjoying quite a lot. But the music is utterly amazing.

It’s the Queue. Odyn’s a jerk.


Q4tQ: Are we overdue for another Netherwing or Cloud Serpent rep grind? Something that can takes weeks or months to give us something to do between raid nights, without getting a ton of complaints because there are no power rewards sold by the rep vendor, only cosmetics?

As a player, if there’s something in the game that doesn’t appeal to me at all, I’m totally cool with it being included for people who would like it as long as it’s completely voluntary. So I hope they put in one for you, Arthonos, although I would literally never ever do this myself. I mean, I avoided the Netherwing grind intensely.

But for people who like it? Absolutely put something like that in. Why not? People who don’t care can avoid it, and people who do can participate in it. It’s better than grinding up rep for flying again.


Q4tQ: Is there a reason, apart from the sockets that Ve’nari sells, to go back to the Maw regularly once you’ve reached Appreciative with Ve’nari?
If you don’t care about the cosmetic drops in that zone.

Several people pointed out the Conduit upgrade item, and also, it’s where I go to get 20 souls for my weekly Renown quest.


What comes after the age of mammals?

Technically the Age of Mammals doesn’t exist. We’re in the Cenozoic Era right now, and while it’s sometimes called the age of mammals because of their prevalence following the KT event, the fact is, mammals date back to the Carboniferous because we can’t truly distinguish mammals from our synapsid relatives. The mammal lineage split away from reptiles and birds over 300 million years ago, when the synapsids and the diapsids (reptiles and birds) deviated from one another.

And for a long time, the synapsids ruled the Earth. So in a way, during the Permian, mammals (or at least our direct relatives) ruled the world, and if you were going to call the Cenozoic the age of mammals you’d almost have to call the Permian the first age of mammals. At least many of the therapsids probably resembled modern mammals a lot more than they did their reptilian antecedents.

All of this is to say there’s no age of mammals and even if there was, it was likely from 298 to 251 million years ago. Also, never count the mammals out — dinosaurs ruled the world for 186 million years, but in the end, synapsids came back.


I had some thoughts about Odyn, his eye, and why we were being tested as being “Worthy”.

So, we know from a meta perspective that Odyn traded an eye for the opportunity to pierce the veil, thus allowing him to gain knowledge that allowed him to create Val’kyr (ie Odyn Brand Kyrian) among other things.

So, considering this, it means that Odyn has himself been stealing souls for his own private army, for the Halls of Valor, before they got to the Arbiter. Helya would have also been doing the same for her purposes from the time she broke free from Odyn.

And I wonder, if that’s a reason that the Jailer, or Xovaal, got tossed into the Maw for in the first place. For exchanging secrets that were not meant to be shared.

On the thing about being worthy, its not clear if Odyn permanently has the ability to see into the Shadowlands now, or whether its a one time thing, but if its been an ongoing thing, then he would have seen or presumably been able to gain knowledge of the things going on in the Shadowlands. Subsequently, if he’d been privy to the plans of the Jailer, whether directly through his eye, or perhaps indirectly through Helya, or other sources like the Brokers perhaps, he’d have known that stuff was probably going to start happening, and that us pesky mortals would probably get in the way of it at one point or another.

I think we were certainly a convenient tool to throw at the Legion at the time they happened to show up, but, what if Odyn was realy trying to prove our worth to head to the Shadowlands, to be a tool to throw at that situation instead?

I think it’s fairly well established that Zovaal sent Mueh’zala to make the deal with Odyn after he was trapped in the Maw, but I’ll admit that I can’t prove that for certain. It feels like he wouldn’t have any real reason to make any such deal granting Odyn the power he did if he wasn’t yet confined to the Maw, though.

Odyn always needed Helya to peer into the Shadowlands, though — she was the one making contact with Mueh’zala, the one who brokered the deal between Odyn and the Loa of Death even though she didn’t support it or think it was a good idea. Her current rage at him is entirely justified — she thought the Val’kyr were a bad idea and refused to have anything to do with it, and so he killed her and raised her as the first Val’kyr as a fit of pique at her daring to question him.

Quite frankly, the idea that Odyn gets to decide my worth has always irritated me. I don’t think he should have any say about how worthy I am or am not — frankly, Helya was right, and I’m not surprised she joined up with the Jailer. Odyn did to Helya almost exactly what Arthas did to Sylvanas — killed her, tore her spirit out of the Shadowlands and bound it into a new form to serve him.

I hope we eventually get to stab him in a more permanent way than the Halls of Valor/Helya raid allowed.

Okay, that’s the Queue. Odyn is a jerk.

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