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The QueueMar 9, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Downtime

I heard we all get a chance to relax for a minute today. No responsibilities, no appointments, just downtime. See you next week!

Oh, that’s…not what “downtime” means? Oh. …oh.

This is The Queue, where as long as you have questions to ask we definitely don’t get a break from answering. Nor would we want one — probably.


Q4tQ: Would Onyxia, Nefarian, etc., be in the Shadowlands?

My kneejerk reaction was no, for a few reasons. First, re-running into every single enemy we’ve faced in the Shadowlands is both deeply awkwaaaard and kind of boring — the dialogue would all be shades of “ah, so you’re the mortal who defeated me” over and over again. A few times is totally cool — and kind of warranted, because we have kind of had a rather murdery last decade or so — but we got pretty solid story closure with most of them, so there’s not a ton of point to reviving them for a repetitive interaction. I get that you, personally, really wanted to yell at Benedictus or whoever, but sometimes it’s more fun to headcanon.

Secondly, I wasn’t sure if maybe there was some kind of innate anti-afterlife force surrounding dragon aspects, though clearly the presence of [are we still spoiler tagging this?] counters that.

So yeah, sure, they’re probably there — though they’re either in Revendreth or the Maw.


Q4tQ: What was it you saw in WoW that made you want to play it?

A lot of different things. RPGs in general were a genre I tended to enjoy, and I really liked that I could choose a woman character without having that tied to any particular ability set (eg, “if you want to be a Warrior, you have to play as a dude,” which was pretty common). The gameplay looked fun and engaging.

But really, the thing that turned my head was the fact that you could chat and play with other people. I was fascinated by the concept of chatrooms on AOL in the 90s, and IRC, and AIM, so to have that layer of functionality — where you could hang out with anyone from around the world — laid over top a fun, engaging video game? Hell yes.

Have you ever read the short story The Monkey’s Paw? No, it’s not a non-sequitur, I assure you.


Q4tQ: Will 9.1 be out before Diablo 4 or will 9.1 be out after Diablo 4?

Patch 9.1 will be out before Diablo 4, and both will be out at least a year before Diablo Immortal.

At this point I’m convinced Blizzard is waiting until the whole new phone (the then newly released Pixel 4) I bought because I was that excited to play Diablo Immortal is obsolete. It won’t be before I upgrade to my next phone, though, naturally — it’ll run on my Pixel 4 like chuggy garbage and then I’ll be forced to upgrade again in order to play it. Nature will heal.

And then, 2 years after that? Overwatch 2.


Q4TQ: What is happening to my Valor points?

They’re going to go live on a farm upstate. There’s a creek running through it, and chickens for them to chase, and a field of buttercups and wildflowers they’ll roll around with under a blue sky with a few errant puffy white clouds.

They’ll be fine, don’t worry.

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