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The QueueMar 29, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Kael’thas is a jerk

I’ve put about a night of attempts into the Mythic Kael’thas fight in Castle Nathria, and it’s official, he’s a jerk. We’re just trying to help the guy out and he’s busy having some internal battle for his very soul. Very inconsiderate.

Just like throwing up his super-powered Flame Shield that we have to break before he turns us into flame-broiled raiders. It’s a huge jerk move!

While I put on some burn cream, it’s time for — The Queue.


Q4tQ: have they buffed WQ so that 3 x 35 anima things is the minimum now?

Sadly no.

You must’ve just looked at just the right time to see only 3+ World Quests. I wish they would, going out of my way for anything less than three Anima items doesn’t usually feel worth it. So I’ll only do them if I’m trying to get a Calling done for that zone. I also won’t do a few of the World Quests unless they have four Anima tokens on them. Like AAAAH Real Monsters! in Bastion. That one takes too much effort for anything less than 140 Anima.

Let’s hope that when we learn more about 9.1 that one of the things we learn about is that all quests will have at least three times as much Anima as rewards.


QftQ: What meal/food that you’ve read about in a novel do you crave? 

I remain obsessed with cooking the casserole of bacon and mushrooms that Mrs. Maggot made in Fellowship of the Ring. And, Corwin’s supper of rare steak, crusty bread, salad, and red wine in Nine Princes in Amber was a pleasure to read. You? 

Whatever I’m reading about right then is usually what I want. I’m super suggestible that way. But I’ve always wanted to have one of those medieval feasts from Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin always goes above and beyond describing them (like Tolkein and trees) and I just want some good hearty pies and roast pheasants and suchforth.


Q4tQ: What’s your faovurite voice in Shadowlands? As in, voice acting? 

I love all the voice acting this time, but most especially the likes of Kalisthene. My absolute favourite is Marasmius, though. 


There are so many great voices. I really love Patty Matson getting to do more with Sylvanas other than just “GREYMANES FORCES HOLD THIS WARDEN TOWER!” Theotar is a fun Venthyr to hang out with, and I love going to jump on flowers in Bastion and hearing Tuvok’s voice.

But the standout for me is Sire Denathrius. He’s just so smarmy and odious with every syllable. He oozes with condescension and arrogance and it’s perfect. Of course, the hedonistic ruler of Revendreth sounds like that, it’d be weird if he didn’t. So it’s completely understandable why Blizzard decided not to have us kill him at the end of Nathria.


Q4tQ: Is the best possible feeling in a game when you steamroll something that previously gave you nightmares? 

There’s a thing that action button mashers like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden like to do sometimes where they give you a boss early on that’s pretty tough. Usually like a big giant with a bigger hammer, or a four-legged beast. Something big and unique that really stands out. You won’t have gotten many upgrades yet, and you’re still learning the controls, so it’ll be a pretty tough fight. You’ll finish the fight battered, bruised, and down a bunch of healing items.

Later on, you’ll probably run into more of them, sometimes multiples at once — and then there’s a moment of “if you thought one was bad, wait until you fight two at once!”

I love the feeling when you beat that mini-boss team-up. It doesn’t even have to be a steamroll, I just love the satisfaction of beating something twice as hard.

A good runner up though is when you get lucky all the way through a fight and even though you’re making a bunch of mistakes the enemies are just making a few more. Like playing Heroes of the Storm and the enemy Stitches misses hooking you into their team by three pixels.


If a abomination were hungry, would it eat with it’s face mouth or it’s stomach mouth? 

In Heroes of the Storm, Stitches does all of his eating with the stomach mouth. He needs to be able to fit heroes like Azmodan and Cho’Gall in there, so it’d have to be through the stomach, there’s no way that they’re fitting in the face mouth. Unless Abominations can unhinge their jaws like a snake.

There is another benefit to eating with the stomach mouth too, no waiting for the food to get right in the belly. None of that pesky chewing and swallowing needed.


Q4tQ: I’m kind of “done” with leveling in SL, my main plus one alt at max. That said, in a fit of optimism I thought I should at least get a bunch of my alts to 60 in hopes that the next expac is more fun for me. And maybe I’ll even click with one of those classes again and want to play it. Anyway … how much end-game stuff do you guys think I should bother with? Any at all? I know I can’t face a ton of dungeons and doing Torghast any more. How much is enough so that the next expac isn’t a struggle? 

Well with each new patch the gear will get higher, so working your butt off to try and get a couple of alts ready for patch 10.0 and the Corgi’s Unleashed expansion wouldn’t be the best use of your time. Chances are that like previous expansions there’ll be some catchup gear that you can pass around your account to get some easy ilevel. So until 9.2 or 9.3 I wouldn’t go too hard on running dungeons or World Quests trying to eke out upgrades, especially if you’re already not feeling it.

Level a few characters sure! Try and pick something you haven’t played in a while or a completely new spec. I’ve personally never played any kind of healing Priest, so if I was looking to shake things up I’d do that — or maybe learn how Balance works. Having a couple more alts could mean that you’re ready to see the other Covenant campaigns when we get continuations for them.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Come Sail Away

This one goes out to the Ever Given, you may be free now — but you’ll always be stuck in our hearts!

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