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Transmog > WoWApr 15, 2021 10:00 am CT

Patch 9.1 adds even more options for covering your eyes with six new eyeglass models

I don’t think I’ve been particularly subtle about my love for transmog, which is basically the best way to customize your character in World of Warcraft, even after the various additions we saw in Shadowlands. As cool as having scars is, I love having new options for my character. I once went engineering purely for a pair of goggles, not even because I wanted to wear them, but because I wanted the option to transmog to them.

And so, now that we know that we’re getting even more transmog options for glasses in patch 9.1, I’m pretty happy. Kru over on Twitter rounded up the models so far. There’s also a lot of pictures of the glasses on various races thanks to Falerian for you to squee over.

I was already surprised that we got the Rhinestone Sunglasses made fully transmog-friendly, now we’ll have multiple glasses options to choose from. I personally prefer the bifocal-looking version of the Black Rimmed Spectacles model, it combines the cool of black aviator sunglasses with the potential ‘mad scientist’ transmog look you might be going for, but they’re all pretty cool.

Wowhead points out that we don’t yet know what all the models will be, as only four of them have been found in the database so far.

I’m generally always of the opinion that more options are better, and this is an example of that — it lets you ditch a helmet item for a pair of specs, which for a lot of players makes a lot more sense for their character and the story they’ve built up in their heads over the years. A Mage spending all their time pouring over dusty old tomes in a library might well invest in a pair of reading glasses, a Warlock might just enjoy looking cool in a pair of sunglasses. Again, it offers more options for customization, which I am always going to get behind.

Combined with the various engineering goggles and the Rhinestone Sunglasses — plus my own personal favorites, the Fel-Proof Goggles — it’s never been a better time to wear something over your eyes in World of Warcraft.

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