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The QueueJun 1, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Fel Reaver Sound

Made you look.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’re simultaneously incredibly loud and make the earth shake, but will sneak up behind you and whisper the answer in your ear.


Q4TQ: Are you prepared?



Q4tQ, based on discussion below: how different do you think WoW would be if it had a D&D-style alignment system?

It’s possible it could be completely cosmetic, and something that only RPers paid much attention to. But what if it had mechanical aspects? What if there was gear you could only equip if your alignment matched? What if certain classes or specs had alignment requirements? What if quests or rep grinds could shift your alignment? Would we see alignment requirements listed among ilevel and class/spec requirements? Would the playerbase be even more divided?

…this would be a disaster, wouldn’t it.

I think a D&D-style alignment system, especially one that dips into mechanics, would be a bit of a disaster.

However, I do think a Fable-style alignment system added to WoW might be fun as heck. For those unfamiliar, that game had a scale of good versus evil. If your character tipped toward good, you would start being wreathed in light, with a slight halo. If they were evil, they had a dark miasma around them and started sprouting horns. NPCs would also react to them based on this alignment, in degrees of severity — if you were super, super evil, rather than just being apprehensive, people would run away from you.

If you want to be kind of neutral, that’s cool, but you can push down orphans and explode into a tentacled, purple-wreathed monster, or become a vegetarian who even avoids fish feasts for a permanent halo. Some NPCs might even refuse to give you quests, depending on whether they think you’re too scary to talk to, or a total goody-two-shoes. I’d imagine neither alignment would affect a class like Mages too much, but would really swing DKs or Paladins.

In WoW, beyond “evil” and “good,” we could even break down the evil options into fel and void varieties. I’d also debate that there might be two type of “good,” a light-and-halos type and a naturistic one that ties into Elune.

…wait. Did I just invent Covenants?


So Critical Role season 2 ends this week. You think we’ll finally get a player character dwarf in season 3?

I think you have to wait til season 5. Travis will finally play a Dwarf, after playing a Human in the upcoming campaign and an Elf in the campaign afterwards, then a Gnome, then a Halfling, and then in season 8 he’ll play a disembodied voice before he finally disappears completely.

Or, yeah, maybe Sam.

And now, in a twist of fate, I get to earworm Cory, who loves music and the Muppets and is writing The Queue tomorrow. I’ll include the link to the song, but this is weapons-grade earworm, and it’ll be stuck in your head before you even click.

Today’s Anna’s Cory’s Anna’s Earworm: Mah-Na Mah-Na.

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