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WoWJun 7, 2021 4:00 pm CT

The dramatic story of Rendle the dredger

In the Shadowlands, in the lands of Revendreth, there is a race known as Dredgers. They are also known as Muckborn, as they are literally made from muck, created from mud in underground pits. Their primary function is to build, repair, and keep up the infrastructure of Revendreth. They are created to work, and nothing more. From The Art of of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, a Dredger is Out of sight, out of mind, and absolutely subservient: that is the ideal dredger. For those muck-born simpletons to seek reward or appreciation for their work is a distasteful thought indeed.

And then there is Rendle. The Dredger who stands out from all the others. He even has a title: The Mistermind. Let’s take a look at him in Shadowlands.

Sire Denathrius’ most trusted Dredgers

Early on upon entering the Shadowlands, the Maw Walker was sent to Revendreth to meet with Sire Denathrius. The first words the Maw Walker were greeted with, “Welcome, damned soul, to Revendreth, your last hope of redemption. Right this way and we’ll get you sorted.” Rendle, with another Dredger, Cudgelface, by his side, was there to provide the newly arrived with their sin stone. Only, this soul was funny looking — the Maw Walker is first living mortal to these Dredgers have seen.

Sire Denathrius knew who was coming. Normally, a Venthyr met a newcomer into this realm, but this time, he sent two of his closest Dredgers. Along with his loyal Chamberlain, the Maw Walker and the two Dredgers boarded a carriage to Castle Nathria. Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly in World of Warcraft, and a rebellion interrupted your journey: General Draven attacked the carriage and threw the passengers from it.

But Rendle is kindhearted, and his first words to the Maw Walker after their fall were: “Oh good, still not dead yet? You see where the Lord Chamberlain or Cudgelface landed?”

The Maw Walker saved Lord Champerlain and Cudgelface, because that’s generally what the player does, and Rendle fixed the carriage, because that’s what Dredgers do. He did an excellent job, too, as the carriage carried on to Sire Denathrius. And nothing can go wrong working with him.

Loyal to Revendreth, not its leader

Spoiler alert, but Sire Denathrius was the bad guy all along. Turned out he’d been in league with the Jailer for quite some time. He had a whole stockpile of anima, and he flushed it down into the Maw to the Jailer, to help him take over all of the Shadowlands. Because Sire Denathrius knew, when all was said and done, he’d be part of the ruling class not just of Revendreth, but all of the Shadowlands.

With Sire Denathrius outed as the first major villain that needed to be dealt with, where was Rendle? Standing by the side of his long time master? No, he was in Sinfall, in the Sanctum of the Venthyr Covenant serving Prince Renathal, leader of the rebellion. Using his connections to Sire Denathrius, he employed espionage: Rendle infiltrated Castle Nathria, and set up an anvil right at the entrance. Left alone by the denizens of the castle, he carried out one of the most important jobs of all — repairs. Rendle helped the party storming the place make sure their armor was fully intact, and bags were empty of junk.

Over time, he amassed some wealth. Gold piled up around him, as the mortals from the living world took on Sire Denathrius, they paid or tipped Rendle to thank him for his craft. And when not laboring in the castle, Rendle, and his Dredger buddy Cudgelface, enjoyed some social standing. They were sometimes invited to the Ember Court party. As Prince Renathal says, “Hard workers deserve appreciation. And few work harder for Sinfall than Rendle and Cudgleface.”

At first, it looks like everything is going well for Rendle. But looks can be deceiving.

Gold’s no object

But Rendle isn’t satisfied with making repairs, storming castles, and attending parties. In patch 9.1, we’ll see that he’s moved to Korthia to become an occasional quest giver, with his good friend Cudgelface by his side. There he flaunts his newfound wealth, wearing Rhinestone Sunglasses, and handing out quest rewards of a cup of gold (note: around 250 gold pieces fit in a cup).

What does he want? Drab Gromits, to use their pelts so he “‘n’ the lads” can stay out of sight of the bosses. Is this because an ideal Dredger is out of sight, out of mind? Or because he’s trying to help others get out of working, and so the bosses can’t make them work? Rhinestone Sunglasses seem the opposite of out of sight, but there is more to Rendle.

At the Ember Court, where Rendle and Cudgelface can be invited as guests, each guest has certain Atmospheres they prefer. Dredgers are present, cleaning. Dismissing them makes the place messier. Rendle and Cudgelface prefer the messy Atmosphere. That should have been obvious the way Rendle kept his gold scattered all over the floor of Castle Nathria as he amassed it. Dismissing them means the Dredgers don’t work, the atmosphere is Messier, and therefore Rendle and Cudgelface are happier.

They don’t want Dredgers working! Could this be a sign that the two are working to liberate Dredgers from their main task? Is there another rebellion brewing in Revendreth?

When Rendle was first introduced, the very first thing he told Maw Walkers about was the sin stone. Yet here he is, burdened with gold, wealth — greed. Perhaps even pride, with the way he shows it off. But also, perhaps, he is trying to atone for it. Freeing his fellow Dredgers so they aren’t seen by bosses. Giving away ample gold as quest rewards to dwindle down all he earned. He was created in and has only existed in Revendreth, and atonement is what this realm is all about.

Out of sight, out of mind, and absolutely subservient: that is the ideal dredger. For those muck-born simpletons to seek reward or appreciation for their work is a distasteful thought indeed.

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