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WoWMar 12, 2021 10:00 am CT

Rendle, Castle Nathria’s real winner, has gotten rich from repairing our armor

World of Warctr

We don’t really think of who truly wins a raid that often. The players certainly are better equipped, but we’ll replace that gear soon enough once we get into the next content. Sure we stop the big bad evil guy and make the World of Warcraft safer for another day, but we’ve done that so many times now it’s become old hat. I’d say that there’s one person who is clearly living their best unlife after our trip to Castle Nathria — Rendle.

Rendle is the Dredger that shows up just inside the doors of Castle Nathria once you’ve defeated Shriekwing. This industrious fellow will repair your gear for you as you ascend the Castle, and he’ll buy any of the trash grey quality items that you may find along the way, helping to keep your bags clear to receive any of the shiny loot you crave as you defeat bosses. With the release of patch 9.0.5 he’s run out of pocket space for all of the gold he’s made from our repairs and has resorted to just leaving his earnings on the floor next to him.

This just proves that location really is the most important factor in business: he went where the raiders were and it paid off. If anything the pile is too small, that barely looks like the gold it’d cost my raid for a night of wipes in Nathria, let alone the whole community’s. Heck, Complexity-Limit probably spent enough gold on their repair bills during the Race to World First that we couldn’t even walk in the front door.

What will he do with all of that gold? Will he become a noble in Prince Renethal’s new Ember Court? Maybe he’ll buy the fanciest of hats and vests to wear around Revendreth. Will he sleep on the pile like a dragon? Who knows! Dredgers are created to be servants and fulfill a task — before being returned to the muck pools of Revendreth. I’d like to hope that this Dredger who’s served us so well gets to spend his rewards.

Maybe we’ll keep bringing him with us through the rest of the raids. The Covenants are making inroads into the Maw and setting up a major assault in patch 9.1, so it’d make sense that the Venthyr would need to bring along someone to keep their arms and armor in top fighting shape — why not Rendle! If he’s not living in a solid gold mansion by the end of the expansion I think we’ll have failed him.

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