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The QueueJun 28, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Hyena Facts

Hyenas are the best! I love telling jokes, and they keep laughing at them! Why wouldn’t I like them the best?

While I try to figure out why Mitch likes foxes better than them, it’s time for — The Queue.


Q4tQ: Has Blizzard said how long maintenance will be Tuesday?

Yep! They’ve announced a 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific maintenance window. The last time they patched the main Warcraft game I feel like it pretty much took what they said it’d take. Hopefully, we get that instead of the extra extended maintenance that Burning Crusade Classic got.

Hyena Fact #1: Hyenas live for an average of 12 years, but can live up to 25 years. They’re considered adults at two years old.


QftQ: Should we get more dogs as pets in WoW?

I just tamed this fine specimen of Underworld canine in AC: Odyssey.

Yes. Yes, we should. While we’re adding more pets we should also add some more hyena pets.

Hyena Fact #2: Hyenas aren’t part of dog or cat families, they have their own designation Hyaenidae. There are four different kinds of hyenas that make up the Hyaenidae family — spotted, striped, brown, and aardwolf. Their closest relatives are the mongoose or the meerkat.


Q4tQ: what’s your favorite less-common race/class combo? It can be something that’s statistically under-represented in the game, something that seems like it would be unusual in lore, whatever.

I’m going with night elf mage for WoW, not just because that’s my main but because it seems like they would still be uncommon in the world. The Highborne only returned during Cata, which is, what, five to ten years ago? And night elf society booted out their arcane magic users a long, long time ago. So I doubt many have chosen to follow that path since.

Though I’m mostly asking because I finally settled on a character for my D&D game with friends, and while a tiefling warlock might not be all that unusual, a tiefling celestial warlock probably is. :P

Orc Mage.

I just love how big and beefy they are. Like they spent their evenings at the Mage college just doing pushups while studying magic theory. I made one back in Cataclysm when they unlocked the possibility. I leveled him as a Frost Mage because there was a bugged console command that you could use to rename your Frost Elemental and my Mage ScottPilgrim needed a Ramona. Sadly they fixed that one pretty quickly.

Hyena Fact #3 Aardwolves are the tiniest members of the hyena family and are primarily insectivores who mostly eat termites.


QftQ: Do you have a preferential order for mission table quests? And if so, why? For me, it’s:

  • Experience (until that day in the distant future I no longer need it, but my highest adventurer is at 51)
  • Pet Charms
  • Items that are upgrades
  • Rep Tokens for factions I need something from
  • Covenant Feature Items for Covenant features I care about
  • Trade Goods
  • Cash
  • Items that are new appearances
  • Rep Tokens for factions I don’t need anything from
  • Anima
  • Items that aren’t upgrades or new appearances
  • Maw Stuff
  • Covenant Feature Items for Covenant Features I literally couldn’t care less about

It’s basically straight utility for me. Like, pet charms are always going to be useful (until they re-do those again). Trade goods, if nothing else, can be sold for cash, etc.

I basically only send out four kinds of missions now that I’ve finished the “campaign” missions and gotten my mounts from them.

  1. Pet Charms
  2. Augment Runes
  3. Trade Goods
  4. Experience

I always need Pet Charms, especially since there’s that 10,000 pet charm worm in Tazavesh that I may want to buy someday. I sell Augment Runes and Trade Goods on the auction house whenever possible. I don’t know how much I’ve made from just Augment Runes this patch alone, but it’s sizeable. Experience is experience — it’s always good. The rest of the rewards don’t feel like they’re worth the hassle. At most I’ll send out one batch of missions a day, at most. Often it’ll be two or three days before I remember to go back and check the table.

Hyena Fact #4: Spotted Hyenas live in clans of up to 80 members. The clans are matriarchal because the female hyenas are larger and more aggressive than the males.


QftQ: What’s for supper? I’m making mac ‘n’ cheese and a mess of collard greens.

The night you asked this in the Queue I had a cheeseburger pizza. It was super good, but I put a bit too much cayenne on top. The night I wrote the Queue I had some fried egg and turkey sandwiches. I love putting fried eggs on things, especially when they’re still runny in the middle. I’m thinking I’ll probably do mac ‘n’ cheese the night y’all are reading this though. It’s been a minute and I have a powerful hankering thanks to you.

Hyena fact #5: Hyenas are quite smart. In a Duke University study, a pair of hyenas were able to complete problem-solving and cooperation tests faster than chimpanzees.


Which of these categories best describe your top reasons for playing games? (question taken from a Legends of Runeterra survey)Pick all options that apply.

  • COLLECTING – Earning or acquiring a large collection of characters or content
  • MASTERY – Getting better at the game over time through practice and/or learning different techniques to improve my play
  • COMPETITION – Winning, being better than opponents, or climbing a competitive ladder
  • NURTURING – Nurturing and growing things like a town, farm, or friendships with NPCs
  • PROGRESSION – Growing in power or options for play as I advance in the game and accrue new capabilities, items, or stats
  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION – Building and tinkering, customization, or self-expression
  • SOCIAL – Spending time with people I care about, becoming closer with acquaintances, or making new friends
  • STORY/IMMERSION – Immersing myself in a different world through a narrative, story, or vast world to explore

All of them play a part for sure. I’m going to list social as the number one reason I’m playing Warcraft. It’s not as high up for other games though, most of my social needs are met through Warcraft so I’ll focus more on progression and story for other games. Competition is fairly low on the list, but I do enjoy mastery.

I’m definitely bad at focusing too much on collecting to an unhealthy degree sometimes. I’ll often choose not to go on until I’ve poked my head into every corner and checked every box to see if they have items or secrets. I’ve never actually completed the main story in Skyrim because of that. I’ll spend all of my time exploring random caves, killing giants and dragons, and forgetting why I’m actually there. Something about Skyrim belonging to the Nords, who knows? Not me!

Poll link

Hyena fact #6: Hyenas have a stronger bite force than lions, tigers, and bears. Hyenas have a force of 1,100 psi, while tigers and grizzly bears are a tiny bit less. Lions only clock in at 650 psi!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Africa

I hope you learned something neat about hyenas today! Don’t forget to leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow, and stay cool out there!

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