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The QueueJul 20, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Zombie Dinosaur Party

Look, I’ve had an extremely stressful weekend, my cat is super sick (and she’s the only cat I know who ever successfully healed an entire fight in Karazhan, so every single thing about World of Warcraft is reminding me that she’s sick) and I’m trying very hard to keep myself positive. So yeah, the title of today’s Queue is utter nonsense, cut me some slack.


Ok Q4tQ: I’m in Korthia and I did the Draka quest last night and now out of the Blue is Vashj asking me to do quests. WTH did she come from? like it isn’t necessarily explained here or I missed it totally which is quite possible.

She’s a member of the House of Eyes, so she’s just continuing in the role we saw her in when we leveled through Maldraxxus.


Q4tQ Do you keep your Fury Warriors’ loot spec to Arms to make sure you get 2H weapons?

I do when I’m trying to get 2h weapons. Likewise, when I want 1h, I tend to go Prot, although that does mean I end up with more shields than I need. Then again, I like shields, so it’s not a real problem, and it’s nice to have an up to date prot set ready to go.


Cory gave me an earworm.

Here are some songs I listen to when I get one of those. They’re all instrumental so they won’t give you another earworm. Many of them are from trailers or game soundtracks.

Time Lapse — Kings and Creatures

Times Change — Warlords of Draenor soundtrack

Combat Troops — Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC

Reparations — Audiomachine

End of the Universe — Cliff Lin

V’s Theme — Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack

Legend of the Eagle Bearer — The Flight (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey soundtrack)


Blizzcon 2022: the first physical convention in 3 years.
The buzz around is that they’re revealing a new WoW expansion.
You watch the opening ceremony and the last thing they’re talking about is WoW – one of the leading devs give the introduction and then they roll the cinematic trailer.

Nevermind what happens in it, but at the end of it they reveal the logo and the expansion name.
And it’s “World of Warcraft: The End”.

It is a full expansion with all that that entails, but it’s framed as the last one they’ll make, they do not mention if there is a possibility for WoW 2.

What is your reaction?

I would be very disappointed that they were essentially ending WoW with the most boring, lack of effort title imaginable.


Q4TQ: are you gonna try New World (new MMO from Amazon, launching tomorrow)?

Red, I barely have time for breathing right now, I’m afraid no new game is going to make it onto the rotation for a while.


Q4TQ: I’m getting married Saturday. What advice do you have gaming or otherwise?

Love takes many forms, but all of them ultimately come from respect and friendship. You will be spending a lot of time with this person, so learn to forgive them, and yourself, for any lapses. Resentment is the death of love, so always try and work out your problems, don’t repress them or avoid discussing them. Treat each other, and yourselves, with kindness because even if you don’t like yourself, they like you, and don’t like to see someone being cruel to someone they love even if it is the person they love.

In jokes are surprisingly powerful. My wife and I still have jokes that come from things that happened to us 16 years ago. Cultivate them. It’s even funnier when nobody knows why you yelled HOT DOGS and then you and your spouse began laughing hysterically.

If you have an outdoor ceremony in July, get ready for it to be hot. It was very hot the day I got married. Technically I was married in late June, but close enough. Make sure you have water readily available.

I hope you are very happy.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Next week, Anna’s Queue will be done by Red, so get ready to throw a lot of extremely hard questions at him. I’m gonna go hope my cat gets better. Send any good wishes you have Puck’s way, she’s a sweetie. A bitey sweetie, but still.

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