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The QueueAug 16, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: A very small fox

I finally have another character at max in Shadowlands! My Mage has spent the last week or so helping out the Kyrian get Bastion under control, and it’s been nice to see another of the Covenant storylines. Especially with the additional 9.1 story content that we’ve gotten giving some closure to BlUther and the Forsworn. It has been pretty funny to see just how small Vulpera are compared to the rest of the Kyrian though. Even my Steward is taller than me!

While I go find some platform shoes, I take you now to — The Queue.


Torghast Q4tQ: Have the changes made in 9.1 made you less, more, or equally (un)likely to run the place?

For me I love the new system. It reminds me of Horrific Visions, where I crank Metallica and just sprint through the place. But I know not everyone loves a timer. So: What say you?

I’ve actually spent a lot more time in Torghast now because of the new additions than I thought I would. My best Shadow Priest friend and I have knocked out all of the Flawless layer achievements. I have fed so very many Brokers to Ravenous Anima Cells just to get the extra five points for robbing them at the end of my run. There are shiny golden shoulder transmogs from the Adamant Vaults and I must collect them all.

I also just finished leveling my first alt in Shadowlands, and I’ve been taking my Mage into some fives and sixes to just play around and see what the Mage Anima powers were like. I like all of the Mirror Image ones, they’ve been fun. Going from an invincible Guardian Druid to a Mage has taken some getting used to. I can’t just run into a room and pull everything at once, I actually have to be surgical and think about using Polymorph every once in a while! It’s been a fun way to make the runs fresh.


QftQ: Even if you aren’t good or in the upper ranks for whatever, when have you gotten to play the hero? I did it exactly twice. One was a final dungeon boss in WoD, I think? Back when Paladins still had Eternal Flame. We were so close, and back then, because of EF, I could stay alive a very long time if necessary.

But, the party kept telling me to wipe, they were all dead. But, I was close, and I kept myself alive long to enough to beat the boss.

The second time was years later. I’m not much one for alts, but I was leveling a hunter.
And, I especially don’t have any talent in trying to tank. I just hit things rather clumsily. But, this time, we were probably level 30 in one of those dungeons you have access to then.

So, the tank was new at it. He said so. Nobody cared, but being new he sucked at it. And, I have also just embarrassed myself trying to tank. No judgment. That wasn’t the problem. Things were kept getting through.

But, at this point, I was a playing a beastmaster hunter, and I had a freezing shot and a shot that would chain a mob to a specific spot. So, by damn, I did my only successful stint as a tank ever, playing this stupid 30-level DPS hunter. I kept anything big pinned up in back. And.. don’t ask me to ever tank anything again. I suck at it. But that was pretty fun.

I have two stories of this that spring to mind just like you!

Back in Dragon Soul, I helped secure our first ever Hagara the Stormbinder by taunting and running as fast as I could in the other direction on my Holy Paladin. Those extra few seconds that a dps stayed alive into her enrage helped to make all of the difference. Ironically now we make our healers do that on Tarragrue fight in Sanctum after the tanks go down to the super punches at 10%. It’s less special when they have to do it, but at least I’m not dying alone.

I’ve done it much more recently in De Other Side. I was just there because there was a tank satchel offered in the Heroic queue, but when the entire group died after only getting two of Bwonsamdi’s totems activated during the Mueh’zala fight, I was determined to not die alongside them. It took me nine minutes, but I finished the fight off. Those big periods where he just shoots lasers beams at half the room did wonders for letting me heal myself.


Q4tQ: how often do you save items in video games in case you need them, and then never use them?

I do this all the time. In every single RPG I’ve ever played, my character or party has an inventory full of items I never use, even when they might be useful. I’ve gotten better about it, and recognize that sometimes yes, I do need to actually use the party-saving item to survive the boss fight, but it used to be I wouldn’t use things like that even on the final battle

Almost every game I do it. I’ll go out of my way to put on health leeching armor, or endlessly farm random monsters who may have a chance of giving me health items just so I don’t use one of my precious health potions. What if I randomly use one of them, and then I don’t have enough on the boss? I’d be devastated!



What are the chances that Ice Crown will be the last raid of SL, and that we end up sealing its connection to the Shadowlands (if only canonically).

I do like the symmetry of that idea. I’m not sure if I’m sold on the idea of us ending there though. The Jailer seems to be pushing towards another destination, and it would feel almost a little on the nose if the crux to all of his plans wound up being on Azeroth. I know that Azeroth has a special world soul, but does that mean it’s the key to remaking the universe? Unless we really make him mad in the next patch, and he’s going to make it a point to remake the universe from Azeroth as punishment for our sheer audacity.

I do hope that they don’t send us back there, if we spend too much time next to Icecrown Citadel I’ll feel compelled to go in and keep trying to get Invincible. That darn horse just will not drop for me.


Took a lot more running around and maintenance than I was expecting but I managed to get Alexandros and Vashj, who have contradictory preferences, to Elated in the same Ember Court and I am now FINISHED with making all my guests Best Friends!

No more invitation quests on any character ever!

That’s so funny! I have the exact same pair left to get to the Best Friend rank, and I just realized how much of a pain in the butt my next Ember Court is going to be trying to balance their personalities. I figure throwing an extravagant present at Mograine and naming Vashj the Guest of Honor might help. But beyond that I’m not looking forward to trying to entertain them both. It’ll be like one of those sitcoms where there are two dates happening at the same time and the guy runs back and forth changing costumes in between. I hope it’ll be a wacky fun time with no drinks thrown in my face!


I’ve been diving full into D2R beta. I’m absolutely in love with it but it has reminded me of one my long-time beefs with D2 in general. I. HATE. The stamina system. Am I rare in my loathing of it or is this something others hate as well? I was partially hoping with the modernization aspect of D2R that they would ditch it entirely. I realize that would be a major change with massive repercussions. How do you guys feel about that?

Oh yeah, the stamina system is the worst.

I swear that I remember hearing someone saying that they were thinking of taking it out. But that also could’ve just been wishful thinking on my part.

I don’t know how massive a change that would wind up being though, sure they’d have to take out stamina potions and stamina shrines, but I don’t feel like I would miss them. I already don’t use stamina potions because my Druids belt was full of Rejuvenation and Healing potions — and if I have any other shrine effect going I won’t touch the stamina ones. I feel like all it really does is make you slow down while you’re exploring the corners of the map every once in a while.

If it just disappeared one day, I certainly wouldn’t lead the charge to see it reinstated.


Q for either Podcast, Does Illidan Sleep?

If he can/does, what possible position would he need to be in with the giant wings and horns?

I imagine him sleeping in the Seat of the Pantheon while Golganeth throws several oceans at Sargeras, thereby providing wave noise.


I bet he doesn’t get much sleep, just a few hours a night, otherwise how else could he fit the time into his packed brooding schedule to be prepared for everything?

Now as for position, he definitely sleeps upsidedown like a bat. I can barely stand to sleep weird on one of my regular arms, I can’t imagine how awkward it would be if I had two giant demonic wings to take into account — never mind those huge horns sticking out of his forehead. Every morning when he wakes up he probably does the three-point “superhero” landing because he loves how theatrical it is.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Edge of Seventeen

Have an excellent week everyone, leave lots of questions for Anna tomorrow, and make sure to give your pets extra treats for me. They deserve it!

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