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Cute! > Off TopicAug 20, 2021 4:00 pm CT

Hatee hatee hatee ho, we have foxes for your weekly dose of cuteness

We’re feeling foxy this Friday. And who wouldn’t? The big, pointy ears. The tapered noses, just begging to be booped. And the fluffy tails are things of the utmost majesty. In other words, foxes are great. Here are some real ones (nary a singing human in costume to be found) doing their adorable fox thing.

And if there’s something you really want to see featured for the Friday cute critter times, let me know!

Sunny days

Seriously. That nose. Why can’t I boop it?


“Please, kits, go practice your pouncing outside.”

Obligatory footage of a fox jumping

Adorable and educational! (With apologies to the rodents that were definitely harmed in the making of this video.)


Arctic foxes chilling in their most natural habitat.


Mlem mlem.

Is it a fox or a pinball?

My bad, that’s totally a pinball, better delete this from the article.

The teeniest of the teeny foxes

Fennec foxes are so flipping cute at any size.




Closing with some mega-floof.

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