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A Blizzard Watch D&D Journal — Did we escape from the volcano dragon?

We're two sessions into our Blizzard Watch Dungeons and Dragons game, and so far we've seen our party of adventurers wake up on slabs, fight their way through a goblin infested volcano lair, steal an airship, interrogate a goblin they've named either "Bud" or "Bob" depending on who you ask, and crash said airship into a river while it was on fire from the breath weapon of a dragon that hatched out of that same volcano.

My Final Fantasy XIV FC hosted a costume contest, and it felt like I was watching a real-life cosplay competition

It was only a couple months ago that I started playing Final Fantasy XIV. As a longtime World of Warcraft player, it's hard not to compare the two games all the time, even if just subconsciously. While both games certainly share a host of features, they vary in even more. Most notably -- for me, anyhow -- Final Fantasy XIV's wealth of in-game looks and customization options never seems to stop surprising. Case in point: My Free Company (FC) -- basically the FFXIV equivalent of a guild -- hosted a costume contest this past Wednesday, and oh. my. Yogg. I expected some clever outfits. I did not expect Anna and Elsa, Sailor Saturn, Soldier: 76, Link, or Mickey Mouse (just to name a few) to show up. Nor did I expect them to show up looking as similar to their original counterparts as they did. The whole thing felt like I was watching an actual real-life cosplay competition unfold, and the experience was frankly too much fun not to share. Click through to see all of the amazing looks that showed up.

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