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The QueueAug 23, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: What a good looking bunch

I think I’ve found my new favorite power combination in Torghast. Mages can increase the number of Mirror Images that they have, and there’s an Anima power that makes all of those Mirror Images smarter. Suddenly, I’ve got ten versions of me winding up and just absolutely cranking Greater Pyroblasts into bosses and elites. It was glorious!

Plus, look how great we all look. While they may not be infinitely uncountable, they are definitely some of the greatest guys I’ve ever met.

While I try to find a challenge worthy of all these foxes, it’s time for — The Queue.


Maybe instead of Renown or AP style timegating in the next expansion
they should do something more like Isle of Quel’danas/Isle of
Thunder/the War Effort, where each zone has its own player-progressed
bar that fills over time as players do relevant things in the zone,
story events happen at certain breakpoints, and once a server has
progressed X zone to Y phase any future characters taken there don’t
have any timegating at all and can just chain through the story. And
I don’t mean a weekly turn-in sort of thing, I mean like X number of
dailies/world quests done or profession materials donated.

I love a well-done progression zone. I don’t know if having four or five of them at once would feel as good though. I do agree that it would be nicer for alts. Although with my Mage I haven’t run into any issues getting him through the initial Kyrian storyline. They showered so much Renown on me that I was deep into the Mikanikos tree before I had even unlocked him as a Soulbind.

However, I don’t know that there would be any difference in the timeline for the initial push through the content. Whether we’re earning X amount of Renown a week, or filling a progression bar — we’d probably see about the same progress. They’ve got the information on hand to know roughly how many things players will reasonably complete in a week, and even if there was an outlier like a Mythic World First guild trying to push the story to a point that some power increase was unlocked, I don’t think that they could move the bar enough on their own. There are only so many quests and profession turn-ins that could be done in a week.


Q4tQ: What are the chances I’ll get fire flight form if I /purr at the devs (the nice, non-abusive ones) long enough?

Liz just reminded me that Cataclysm wasn’t actually all that recent, so it’s in fact been 10 years – since Firelands – that I’ve been wanting, needing, craving fire flight form – ever since that smug git Staghelm turned into a fire birdie at the intro to the Alysrazor encounter and fluttered off!

Tell me it’s possible. Please.

It’s definitely possible!

It’d be really cool (hot?) to get to use more Druid of the Flame-style forms. If they did wind up adding a Fire Flight form to go with the Fire Cat form, why they’d just have to add a Flame Bear, Stag, and Boomkin form — right?

There are lots of potential Druid travel forms out there, lots of speedy animals that could be ground forms, and nimble flappy animals for the aerial ones. I’m putting my money on some moon-themed travel forms or, maybe Astral since the moon is in space. Elune has been getting mentioned a lot in and around Ardenweald so it’d make sense for Druids to tap into a bit of her power.


Q4tQ: has power creep reached the point where the non-immortal classes can solo BfA raids? Asking as a Shadow Priest.

You could probably handle most of the Legion raids, like Nightmare or Nighthold, but I’m not sure about Tomb or Argus. Shadow Priests do have that ability to heal themselves which is super nice for soloing old content. But not to leave it as just a maybe, I took my ilevel 214 Mage into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras to test out if I could get through Goroth.

Success! Although it was pretty close. I used my Cauterize, Ice Block, Mirror Images(twice!), Alter Time, Vulpera Bag of Tricks (healing), and Phial of Serenity. But that was just the first boss, so I pushed a little further into the raid to face the Demonic Inquisitors. They were much easier than the first guy, I wasn’t worried about my health really at all, just had to keep doing the mechanic because with only one person I wound up getting full Torment bars super quickly.

So the answer is you could probably solo a bunch of stuff on Mythic, and anything you couldn’t do on Mythic solo you could probably get on Heroic. But if you did have a friend who was interested in some transmog from Legion there you go.

I’ve also now realized you said Battle for Azeroth and not Legion

Bring a tank friend for sure as a squishy cloth class, I did about 4% of Talocs health by myself. Ouch.


Cucumber sandwiches or radishes on buttered bread?

I really like cucumber sandwiches. So crunchy and refreshing!


Q4tQ: Should WoW have a built in “Ironman” mode for people to use? with permadeath, no talents, items with stats, access to account-wide stuff, etc?

I like the idea of the Ironman challenges, but I don’t know if they should do anything official. As soon as they made it an official thing then Blizzard would have to set aside a certain amount of time towards it, even if it was just answering player tickets. I know that Diablo 3 Hardcore comes with a warning as you’re making the character that Customer Service won’t restore lost characters, but I’d bet good money that they still get a bunch of tickets about that every day.

What I could maybe see them doing is spinning up a one-time tournament realm with the special rules. It’d be pretty funny to see a bunch of people rushing as fast as they could to get to be first. I don’t know how the event would look from the outside, since Ironman leveling is pretty cautious usually, but maybe it’d get more interesting with a prize and a horde of people rushing out into the world at the same time.


I’m not a big fan of my birthday. It’s usually stressful and I”m glad to be done with it. However…

According to Wowhead, Renown 80 will occur on October 19, which is my birthday! And it’s a pleasant double bonus, because Hallow’s End always starts on October 18. (It’s a private little gift that I selfishly enjoy.) Woot!

Hey, that’s my birthday too! I’m a little biased but it’s a pretty great day to have a birthday. I know in Canada we have our Thanksgiving just a week and a bit before that, and Halloween is at the end of the month, so my Octobers are always pretty busy.

Getting max Renown will be nice, but not as nice as an Invincible dropping… hint hint Blizzard.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: I Think We’re Alone Now

Have a great week everyone, I hope you all get the fanciest loot and rarest mounts you can! But only if you leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow.

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