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The QueueSep 7, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Some Catching Up To Do

Am I the only one who was reminded of all the stuff I didn’t quite get around to in previous expansions when they announced Legion Timewalking? I feel like every year or so I find myself back in this heckhouse, trying to muscle my way through all these old achievements. Maybe I’ll get to it later.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll definitely get around to answering. Eventually.


So what did everyone do over the long weekend? It’s our anniversary weekend and hub and I somehow got each other picnic baskets. I guess when you’ve been married this long you start thinking alike, which may or may not be a scary thought.

I powerwashed my driveway. It is just as satisfying as the Tiktoks say, but it’s incredibly dirty and wet, and because you don’t have the benefit of a 5x timelapse it takes forever. It makes sense when you think about it, because the cleaning head I’m using is basically an inch or two across and I’m doing a whole driveway, but still. Because of the amount of mud that got sprayed in my face — not to mention I don’t really want my neighbors to hate me — I didn’t even get to pass the time belting along to my showtunes playlist, which is really the only way to make chores bearable.

Also, my legs are pretty well destroyed by some invisible mystery bug, which is apparently super common when you go outside? Wild.

And now I’m exhausted and it’s a weekday again. Time.


*doubles back*

Wait, what? Long weekend? Why is it a long weekend? And where? I’m jelly.

(full disclosure, I’m self employed, but I had a lot to do and even worked on the *actual* weekend, soooo… deposit sympathy here, plz)

It was Labor Day weekend in both Canada and the United States on Monday. Worldwide, a lot of people celebrate International Workers’ Day on May 1st either instead or in addition, but both holidays are wrapped up in celebrating the role of the worker and allowing them a day of rest. The history behind both is pretty fascinating, with events like the Haymarket Affair contributing to the formation of a new national holiday.

But yeah, part of the thing that sucks about being self-employed or a freelancer is that you don’t really get days off.


So what does one do, anyway, when all the cool kids bailed to go play FFXIV but you’ve never actually liked final fantasy aside from playing like half of FFX and then making fun of Tidus every time it comes up afterward?

You can play any game you’d like. It’s okay.

This weekend, I spent a lot of time playing the new indie title Lake, which I’ll talk about on the site when I’m finished. I also spent a decent amount of time playing House Flipper, which tends to be a go-to for me when I’m stressed and just want to unwind for a bit. Though, I have been doing some light renovation stuff around my own house, which tends to make me mad at House Flipper, because it takes you like 30 seconds in that game to hang up a curtain, and it takes longer than that for me to find the correct size screwdriver head IRL.

My husband picked up No Man’s Sky, which recently had a new update, but it’s one of those games where there’s just so much stuff going on that it’s tough to get used to at first. At least once an hour he’ll DM me asking how he can sell stuff or what the heck this one doodad is for.

If you’re into WoW play WoW. If I’m not into playing WoW right now, you can still play WoW.


Q4tQ: what Allied races do you think we would have had join us if the feature had started in earlier expansions?

BC: ethereals for both factions, because they’re mercenary like that.
WotLK: taunka for the Horde, and I’ll say tuskarr for the Alliance, because walrus people.
Cata: rebellious naga for the Horde, dryads for the Alliance.
MoP: hozen for the Horde, jinyu for the Alliance.
WoD: mag’har for the Horde and… some rebellious ogres for the Alliance, just because.

While on the one hand I feel like you nailed which Allied Races we’d get (though I’d make a case for getting a Lightforged analogue in WoD), at the same time this points out a quite obvious issue with adding all these Allied Races. Over time, we’ve made so many allies that we’re at the point of race bloat. I might even suggest something of a “squish” where races which are incredibly similar to existing ones.

I completely understand that, for example, the identity of a Dark Iron is very different from a Stormpike. I understand why a player would want them to be a discrete race. However, in terms of game function, after they’re unlocked they could really just be added as a set of options for regular old Dwarves. That way, you could also assign yourself as one of the other clans, too.

But even if we do that, at this point there are so many races that are fully unique, even if they don’t necessarily use unique skeletons (eg, the Jinyu), the character creation screens would be incredibly overwhelming.

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