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The QueueSep 8, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Antisocial

On the one hand, I’m really jonesing to get back into raiding in World of Warcraft. On the other hand, I’m really enjoying spending absolutely no time socializing at all while playing Wrath of the Righteous. 

So yeah, I’m torn.

This is the Queue. I’m hiding from people. People are scary.

Okay, well, not you guys. You’re okay.


Q4tQ: So things like Jurassic Park kind of handwaves over the science about bringing extinct animals back to life, without even going into detail about issues like compatibility with current climate or habitat, but what are your thoughts about the feasibility of reviving something recently extinct? Like the dodo or Tasmanian tiger? And just so we don’t get so wrapped up in “could we”, let’s stop to also ask “should we”?

Remember, you asked about the feasibility first and foremost, so my answer on that is — it’s quite feasible. We actually have a great deal of preserved tissue from mammoths, for example, so while we can’t directly clone them (cloning requires living tissue) we can use gene editing to turn an elephant cell into a mammoth cell, since we can get our hands on the DNA.

Eventually, assuming we don’t end up dead on a broiling planet, it is almost inevitable that we will return extinct animals in this fashion, at least the ones for which we still have DNA.

Should we do this? There are a lot of factors to this question, but I’ll say this — until we stop destroying habitat so fast that species are going extinct at record rates, maybe don’t recreate Smilodon just yet. I have no particular ethical objection to the return of extinct animals, but doing so in our current world situation seems ill advised.


Would you live in Telosa?

Dude, come on, I’ve heard of Bioshock. Heck, that whole Telosa thing? He’s not even the first billionaire to come up with the idea, even Gates has said he’d do something like it at one point.


Q4tQ: Favourite unintended hilarious NPC statements? I’m looking for stuff like: “Keep your feet on the ground” by a dwarf flight master.

I just had Flutterby (in the Night Fae sanctum) greet me with: “May I have your name?” I went, seriously, Flutterby? You’ve known me for 10 months!

I’m not sure if this counts, but I find it hilarious when the voice actor says something like “Champion, we need your help!” but the in game text actually has my name there. I understand why it happens  — Anduin’s actor can’t possibly record himself saying every possible combination of letters people use — but it still amuses me to imagine Sylvanas just forgetting your name in the middle of a dialogue or whatever.

“We are trapped in a cycle and you… er… this is embarrassing, I know I sent you on a whole bunch of missions before I left, but I’m blanking on your name?”


Q4tQ: In WoW Druids seem to have the only playable forms that aren’t humanoid based. For a fantasy game why do you think that is and if you could add some playable non humanoid form what would it be? I would pick spiders. Creepy eyes, 8 legs, spitting out webs as well as wielding some sort of magic. That would be cool. That or something really crazy fantasy like. Like a floating octopus with tentacles and telekinesis.

There are several races in game with some variant on a centaur body plan — upper body of a human, lower body is almost the entire body of a horse or other animal. We’ve got actual Centaurs, we’ve got Keepers of the Grove and Dryads, we’ve got Tol’vir. And yet none of these are playable. This irks me.

If that’s still too humanoid?


Q4TQ: In Legion, we nurtured the Arcan’dor, a union of the powers of Arcane and Life, creating something which was able to cure the Shal’dorei of their dependence on the Nightwell.

It is extremely rare to see the domains unified like this. Do you think the Arcan’dor will return to the story at some point, and could building more cross-domain constructs like it perhaps prevent a cosmic war?

Yes. In fact, I’m probably gonna talk about it on Lore Watch this weekend. I definitely think there’s a place in the game’s story for that kind of thing, and I even think we’ve already seen it — Sargeras, for example, remained a Titan even as he channeled Fel power, making him an Arcane/Fel combination.

Okay, that’s the Queue from me this week. See y’all next week, hope you have a good day.

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