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The QueueSep 13, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Cue: Its someones birthday!

Most Queues are not Queues about dogs when you think about it.

It is someone important’s birthday today, I won’t tell you whose it is up here though. Try and guess before you reach the bottom of the post. Five BlizzardWatchBucks™ to you if you guess correctly!

While you all get your guesses in mind, it’s time for — The Queue.


QftQ: Do you have a kitchen AND a dining room to eat in or do you have a table in the kitchen to eat? (Eating while sitting on the couch is equivalent to the latter.

I just have a table in my kitchen, no dedicated dining room here. I eat most of my meals on the couch, or in front of my computer. But the computer is rare since I don’t like getting food around my keyboard. So many crumbs lost forever in between the keys…


If you could take something in WoW that isn’t a mount and turn it into a mount, what would it be?

My vote is dwarven siege tank. They’ve been around for a long time, and I have no idea why we’ve never gotten to ride around in one.


Other than a Jellycat mount — Devilsaurs.

We’ve seen Zandalari Dinomancers riding around on them, and we’ve even ridden them during World Quests, but why can’t we get one to keep? It’s not like I want a full-grown one or anything, just a little one! We already have those giant Elemental mounts that Shaman get, or Jaina drops. So I don’t see any reason our characters can’t be perched upon the head of a Devilsaur as it tromps from zone to zone!

Zeppelins are also cool, but we do already have the Darkmoon Dirigible which may be as close as we get.


What is the most you’ve ever farmed for something? Currently on attempt #332 for Invincible.

I also don’t have Invincible.

Or Mimiron’s Head, or the Blazing Drake, or Blackhand’s Destroyer, or or or

I think Invincible wins on the most attempts without getting it, but only because it’s been in the game the longest as something I could try to get. I don’t have any of the rare drop tracking addons that other people have, so I don’t know the exact number of attempts. I do know that my Blackhand is up to 140 on my Druid alone…

Nowadays though I barely run to try and get most of those. Maybe once a month if I’m looking to fill some time while listening to a podcast. Blackhand though, I’ll do him every week, but that’s because he’s so fast. I can port to my garrison, go to the zone via the Mole Machine just outside, fly up to Black Rock Foundry, and skip right to Blackhand — all within about five minutes. He doesn’t even break the floor anymore, just falls over on the way to the center of the room.

If I wanted to do that with the other raid mounts I’d have to juggle lockout extensions and the premade finder and it’s just a huge pain. Maybe I’ll do it more when I finally get Blackhand’s mount.


Q4Cory: Liz gave some great advice about what’s it like owning a dog for someone who’s never owned a pet before. Can you do the same for cats?

Owning a cat is great. They’re actually really good companions despite what the memes will tell you about them being aloof and indifferent. Sure they may not be as outwardly affectionate as dogs can be, but Bacardi is always happy to see me when I wake up or come home. He’ll also often come sleep by my feet overnight, or on my lap while I’m watching tv — like a fuzzy little space heater. At least until I inevitably sneeze or shift an inch in which case he’ll bolt out of the room.

They’re pretty easy to manage though, since they don’t need to be walked like dogs do, as long as you keep them fed, their litterbox cleaned, and dangle some string for them you’ve got a pretty happy cat. If you can afford the space to get two cats when they’re young even better. That way they’ll have a partner in crime, and won’t get lonely during the day. I wish I’d gotten Bacardi a brother all those years ago, but he’s too old and set in his ways now to tolerate another cat coming into his space.

As for your furniture (and flesh), if you don’t trim your cat’s nails you may find that the edges get a bit ratty and tore up. Please note that I said trim and not declaw — declawing is awful and you shouldn’t do that. I feel so bad for cats that have been declawed. It’s also a good idea to keep your cat inside, they’re ferocious little killers and can do a number on the local population of birds and other small mammals. Inside cats also are less likely to get in fights with other animals and get hurt, which means fewer trips to the vet.

Just be prepared to clean up hairballs. Hairballs that are somehow always three feet away from a nice tiled surface. The kind of surface that would take you three seconds to clean up.


Questions for Cory:
1. I keep finding these things called Spectral Keys in Korthia, but when I click on them they disappear and nothing appears in my inventory. What gives? And should I be wanting Spectral Keys anyways?
2. I’m still at a loss figuring out the schedule for Tormenters of Torghast–it seems like they’re never up when I’m playing.
3. It looks like I’ve maxed out all the conduit upgrade thingys for all the specs on my main. Is it safe to start deleting the conduit upgrade thingys still in my bag?

  1. The Spectral keys are used to open a locked chest in the zone. The chest is always in the same location, but the keys are not. So every day it’s a fun little hunt to find all three keys. They’re all fairly close by to the chest, so you don’t have to worry about running all over the zone to find it. Once you’ve clicked the key it’s applied to one of the three chains holding the box shut, so nothing goes into your inventory.However, beyond doing it once just to say that you have done it, the rewards from it aren’t that exciting. So you’d probably be ok skipping it unless you’re really trying to do everything in a day.
  2. Tormentors will always spawn every two hours in a set order. Wowhead does list when the next ones will spawn on their home page, but for me in Mountain time they’re always on odd hours — 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, etc.
  3. Yes, once you’ve gotten every one of your Conduits to 226 you can safely get rid of your Soultwining Crescents. They shouldn’t even drop for you once all of your Conduits are upgraded to that point. Remember that in a recent hotfix using one of those items will only upgrade Conduits that you could use in the spec you are currently in. No more randomly getting a Feral/Balance/Restoration Conduit when your Guardian Conduits still have upgrades available — it’s the nicest change. This really only applies to potency slots though. Usually the Endurance and Finesse Conduits are usable in every spec.


Q4TQ: How can we best celebrate Liz’s birthday!?!

That’s a tough question!

I mean I’m celebrating it by wishing her a happy birthday here in the Queue.

Happy Birthday, Liz!!! You’re the best editor a Canadian like me could ask for! Thank you for being awesome and always willing to help me be a better writer, and for making Blizzard Watch the amazing community that it is! I hope that your birthday is a nice relaxing day where everything goes right for you.

But for everyone else, how can you best celebrate Liz’s birthday in your heart, and keep it all year ’round? I’d like to say that we should all take pictures of our characters in Rhinestone Sunglasses, but those are pretty hard to just randomly find, so that’s a bit out. Unless someone in the Queue knows the pattern and is willing to make a whole bunch to give to Queuevians on the cheap.

Being kind to animals is a good start, maybe consider adopting a hound or two? At the very least you should give any pets you may already have an extra treat and tell them it’s from Liz. If you don’t have pets of your own, convince a friend to give their pets extra treats. Just as long as someone is spoiling a pet somewhere.

Today’s Anna Earworm: I’m Still Standing

That’s it for me today! Please leave any well wishes for Liz that you may have in the comments below, and lots of questions for Anna too — have a great week everybody!

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