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The QueueSep 20, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Queue Classic™

What a wild week of Queues!

Trying out new flavors can be fun, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and relax with a Queue Classic™. Same Queue taste that you know and love, back again!

While I try not to get sued by Coke’s marketing firm, it’s time for — The Queue(Classic)!


What would convince you to switch to the opposite faction? Anything?

Like, I know Rossi gave up his Horde toons due to Teldrassil, and Liz switched *to* Horde last expansion. Would you ever consider doing such a thing?

Nothing at this point.

I am far too invested in being part of the Horde to make a change. Just in purely logistical terms of knowing where things are and where to go in cities like Dalaran, I’d have to spend at least a year rewiring my brain to not try and dip into the Horde section, and every time I would get frustrated when I was stunned and kicked out.

But I also like being the bad guy sometimes. Warcraft exists with us far enough removed from the choices that it’s fun to let loose and go on an Alliance soldier killing spree or two. When I get close to making the decisions like in Mass Effect, I’ll do mainly Paragon choices with my crewmates, but Renegade with everyone else. I’ll gladly threaten those shopkeepers into giving me a discount, and then turn around and give Tali whatever she needs. Nobody makes Tali upset, nobody! If we go even further down to a game like Telltale Games The Wolf Among Us or Tales from the Borderlands, I will be the utmost paragon of virtue. They’re much more personal stories with much smaller stakes and I just can’t stand to be the jerk then.

I guess in summation, I contain multitudes — and For the Horde!


Q4TBWP: Why did the Murloc crossed the road?

Why do any of us cross the road? To get to the other side.

Or maybe the Murloc was hoping that by crossing the road they could get to a better life, a life free from the cruel adventurers who routinely trash their village and slaughter their young. Maybe this Murloc was on their way to their first day of business school since they had a dream to open a small shop selling seashells by the seashore. Sure the location isn’t great, and some would question the wisdom of opening a store to sell seashells so close to the natural source of seashells, but this Murloc had a dream!

Or maybe they just saw a tasty fish.


Q4tQ: I was watching a documentary on LulaRoe, a woman’s clothing company often accused of being a pyramid scheme (it’s on Amazon Prime on the US). One of the commentors mentioned that pyramid schemes sell you that everything is possible, therefore nothing must be true. Is the Void a pyramid scheme? These Twilight’s Hammer people keep telling me if I recruit 10 more cultists I can go to the next level. Thanks.

The Void is definitely a pyramid scheme.

Only instead of the top getting rich, the top gets eaten by uncaring manifestations older than time itself who want to rend the universe apart with millions of gnashing teeth and claws. This is a hard thing to sell, so it can be tough to get those initial ten cultists to get you up that first level.

But if you stick with it, soon you’ll be privy to all of the answers of the universe. Things that the Naaru are too cowardly to tell you about. Sure the ending is bleak and full of awful teeth, but the journey there is full of wonder and forbidden knowledge — oh and a few teeth. As always, it’s about the journey, not the destination.


Q4tQ Do you climb lighthouses, or are you perfectly content to look up at them from the sweet sweet ground?

In video games? I always gotta climb them, there might be treasure up there! If there isn’t treasure, there might be a view of where there could be treasure! At the very least they’ll offer a good place to use any gliding powers you have to get around.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a lighthouse up close in real life, but I expect that I’d try and climb as high as I could given the opportunity. The view must be pretty great. There is something very appealing about being a lighthouse keeper. You get all that fresh sea air, all the thick knit sweaters you can wear, mermaids occasionally wash up on shore, and often you’ll be the talk of the town as lonely island women try and figure out what your secret is. What’s not to like?!


QftQ: Does the Shadowlands ever cause you a little existential disquiet? I think I prefer the idea of nothingness the first time around more than a temporarily eternal existence.

I really liked the ending to The Good Place for this one. There isn’t an easy way to do spoilers in Queue, so I won’t go into it. But it dealt with that issue very well, and if there is an afterlife I hope that we get one similar to that.

Also if you haven’t, you should watch The Good Place.


Cryptic question of the day: red or orange?

Red — they go faster.


Q4tQ: So, Sylvanas has a 100% chance to drop a domination shard… right?

If that’s so, does it take into account which shards my character already has, or is it completely random? My main is all set, but my priest alt desperately needs shards, and I’m overthinking it: Do they have to be in her bags? Or socketed in Domination socket thingies? I have nightmares of getting the same useless shard 5 weeks in a row.

Yep! Sylvanas will always drop you a Domination Shard if you don’t have all nine of them collected already. Don’t worry about getting duplicates, as long as you haven’t done something silly like put any shards you’ve gotten into Void Storage, the game is quite good at tracking them. I’m not even sure if it’s possible anymore to accidentally destroy Shards. Briefly, if you resocketed your gear without using the Chisel you buy with Stygia it would destroy the shard, but I think that’s been hotfixed out.

It is still random though, so it’s entirely possible you’ll get all the Shards you don’t plan to use before you get the last one you’re looking for to complete the set.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: In Too Deep

This has been my time, make sure to leave lots of questions for Anna to answer tomorrow. Have a wonderful week everybody!

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