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The QueueSep 21, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Hearth, Wind, and Fire

Cory thought he could earworm me? And forget this high holy day? As if.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll provide the answers as long as you know a bass player who can fill in.


Q4tQ Are you playing D2:Resurrected this week?

I’m having one of those weeks where I’m intensely busy but I can’t quite pinpoint why. I have a lot of stuff coming up in roughly two weeks, and I do have to prepare for it, but it’s nothing I can’t put off. I have errands to run and things to order and forms to fill out, and it’s just filling up a ton of time, you know?

So, on the one hand, while D2:R sounds like great stress relief for all that, at the same time I still haven’t even touched Skatebird, which I’ve been irrationally excited about for weeks and sounds incredibly chill.

I’ll also add that one of those upcoming things is a camping trip with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, so I’m definitely not playing it for the week prior. I have resigned myself to Being Old, because after about 20 minutes of playing ARPGs on PC my forearms just ache for days afterwards. It sucks, and I hate it, but I have a feeling it would megasuck if I’m trying to split firewood with a dinky little camping hatchet with achy forearms. Being responsible is the worst.


Looks like no updates to Brewfest this year :(

I generally enjoy the existing Brewfest stuff, so I’m not too terribly bummed about this. In the cases of limited-time content, more isn’t always better. I’ll do a few laps of Ram Riding, ride into BRD in a mole machine a few times, and keep it rolling. Good times, see you again next year.

That said, am I the only one who craves a soft pretzel with a grainy mustard cheese sauce and a smooth, room-temperature ale every time Brewfest rolls around? There are only two real instances where WoW makes me crave food, and the other one is the whole of Pandaria. Just thinking about that kazoo inn theme makes me want potstickers.

It’s gonna be a real confusing day in my belly.

Also, if you’re playing a Venthyr, Theotar is celebrating this year, because of course he is.


“Ignore” is going account-wide with the patch.

h*ck yeah.


I think I’ve noticed why I haven’t been enjoy Ele as much, its this god awful staff I have for a weapon. I feel less shaman without a shield.

Q4TQ: has a purely aesthetic change ever put you off from a game or character?

Yes, and exact same. I don’t play my Shaman if she isn’t wearing a shield. Every time Enhancement is meta she’s on the shelf. It’s not really intentional, and part of it is because I like playing casters far more than melee, but I lose interest any time she’s not wearing a shield.

Same with my Paladin. I don’t tank, so basically either she’s healing or she’s not being played. As such, leveling her is truly a chore. I think she’s still whatever the level equivalent was to the Legion cap.

I also hate anything but bows on my Hunter, but that’s easily enough transmogged away from. I’m not into either the crossbow shooting animation and the unsatisfying little ‘tink’ sound guns make now (which, sidenote, I’m completely behind that change in general, but I don’t like it, if that makes sense).

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