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The QueueSep 30, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: 11

Well, here we are at the end of another month.

September has never been my favorite — and the 30th in particular marks the day I lost my sister, so it always has a melancholy vibe about it. After 11 years, it’s not so much a painful reminder as it is a solemn memory but still. The upside is that it also means I have October to look forward to in less than a day, and that’s great! Spooky season is decidedly “me,” after all.

You know what else there is to look forward to? A Queue! Starting riiiiiight….now!


What are your opinions on beetroot in sandwiches?

Depending on your definition of sandwich, I’ve only ever heard of beetroot being used in things like veggie burgers. In those cases, it’s more fascinating than something I have a strong opinion on. I’ve heard the beetroot helps replicate the texture and bloodiness that real meat has, which… I avoid meat because of the blood and such, so it’s a weird concept to me.

That said, the small handful of veggie burgers I’ve eaten that have beetroot in them have tasted great! Even if beet on its own isn’t my favorite flavor/texture, it works in veggie burgers.

But like I said, I’m more fascinated by the food science and psychological thinking behind why beetroot gets put into what it does than I am the food itself.


Q4tQ: Has anyone tried New World yet? Or, if not: Are there any other new-ish games you’ve tried recently, and what d’you think of them?

I haven’t, mostly because I don’t have the time. (I’m also not sure my PC would handle it well…)

I have been playing Sekiro, though, even if it’s not exactly “new” — it’s not the From Software game I was expecting, and I still don’t know how I feel about it overall. The barrier of entry was FAR too high, and the fight difficulty feels kind of all over the place.

Yet, once I got past the third boss and the game opened up more, I haven’t been able to really stop playing it. It’s a weird mix of frustration and fixation, but I’m happy to (almost) have the game under my belt. It was a weird pseudo-goal of mine to beat all the Soulsborne games in 2021, and even though Sekiro ended up being a lot less Soulslike than I thought, it’s still a tough-as-heck From Software title, and I want to beat it.


Do you think Zovaal will succeed in undoing time? I believe he will succeed.

There’s a part of me that truly thinks he will, and 10.0 will take us to a completely new version of everything we know (at least within a WoW expansion’s scope). But that may also be because I just plain really WANT that to happen.

I don’t feel like we lose often enough. I mean, yes, Teldrassil was… not not-a-loss. But at the end of the expansion, when have the Horde and Alliance both lost, utterly and completely? I want us to have an Infinity War moment, and I think Zovaal is our best shot at that.


Are Cheetos good?

I noticed today that they’ve started selling them here in Sweden.

It’s subjective, and as others pointed out, depends a bit on poofy versus cruncy. I’d say they’re… well, what you’d expect from a mass-produced cheese snack with a sunglassed cheetah as its mascot.

They’re cheesy but still taste kind of processed, and the spicy ones can give you a nice spicy/cheesy kick if you’re in the mood for that. Sometimes, they can really hit the spot! …But overall, they’re just kind of “meh” to me.


Which do you prefer in your tea: one lump or two?

Lump? Lump of what? Coal? No thank you!

(With the exception of hot toddies, I take my tea with two bags for extra strength but no sugar or anything else.)


Q4Mitch: how does one handle rejection?

Honest answer: It sucks, and I usually take a day to wallow and sleep as much as I want. Sleep is my (mostly) tried-and-true solution to resetting my mood.

But it does depend on the type of rejection. Some types are easier to sleep off than others. If something is continually weighing on you, socializing and distracting yourself until it does get better can work.


Q4tQ: Do you play demos of game you’re already planning to purchase?

By and large, the answer is no. Don’t get me wrong — I like when games have demos! But lately, demos come out so close to release that I’d almost rather save playing until I can get the full experience.

Now, I do like it when demos — notably, the Resident Evil ones — offer a slightly different look at the game and even use them to tease content. In limiting some of their demos to 30 minutes, I don’t feel like I’m spending too much time on a demo or focusing on small things (which I like to do in the full version).

Basically, I like the idea of demos, but I only ever make use of them if the demo itself feels like its own experience. If Overwatch 2 ever did a limited-time event where you could play a demo-exclusive map — sort of like the BlizzCon previews — I’d be all about that.


Q4tMitch: You approve? [Of this eye-helmet thing from the game Sable]

I have no idea what this game is or what it’s about — but I did glance at Steam — and it looks like Breath of the Wild with one of those “colored pencil” filters. Which, frankly, sounds up my alley.

As for those eyes? May they let you see all realities, as intended by the Old Gods.

That’s our Queue for today! Take an extra moment to hug and make time for your loved ones today.

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