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Off Topic > Video GamesOct 6, 2021 7:30 pm CT

How WoW veterans can get off to a great start and speed through the levels in New World

If you’re a WoW veteran trying out New World, Amazon’s recently released MMO, I have tips and tricks as you begin your adventures, speed through the levels, and get the best gear as you go. There are two ways to learn any new MMO: experience and wisdom. Experience means learning from your own mistakes, but wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. So let me share some wisdom with you so you can learn from my mistakes and get off to a great start in New World.

I’ve combined a short list of tips, tricks, and advice for leveling your New World character. These are things I wish I had known when I first progressed through the game.

Speed through the early quests

While this advice won’t hold true for the entire game, remember these tips when you’re getting started.

  • Magic weapons (Firestaff, Ice Gauntlet) are quite weak at low levels.
  • Even if you intend on being a magic user, using a Great Axe or a Hatchet can speed up your opening levels.
  • Early on, you get a quest to make a skinning knife. Do that, but make all the other tools (sickle, mining pick) as well and equip them.
    • You’ll get the other tools as quest rewards, but if you make them as soon as you can, it lets you start leveling all your gathering skills, and it’s good experience points.

Level up your trade skills as you go

You’ll want to keep your gathering professions leveled up — you don’t want to come across a juicy Starmetal vein only to find your mining isn’t high enough to collect any. If you don’t level as you go, you’ll have to go back to lower level zones to skill up your mining or logging which can waste valuable time.

Here are a few tips for gathering success:

  • Always pick up Flint. It’s needed to create your Camp.
  • You’re not going to see Hemp for fibers until after you are past the first settlement.
  • Gather every Hemp you find.
  • Gather any Herbs you find.
    • You can combine the Hyssop with water to make a healing potion.

Tips for earning experience

Maximizing your experience is key to making your way through the levels. Keep these things in mind:

  • The tagging rules for mobs are not well defined.
  • If you see another player engaged with a mob, take a stab at it. You might get some XP and weapon mastery.
  • New World has rested XP. Be sure you are logging off at your camp or in a settlement.
  • When you get your town standing upgrades, choose bonus experience point percentage.
  • When you get to a new settlement, be sure to talk to your Faction representative. They may have new quests for you that reward solid experience.

Check your Town Project Board for quests

Fill up that quest log by checking the Town Project Board and grabbing those side quests! The experience for all of these will add up. Here are some hints to help you out:

  • Don’t take the Town Project Board mission to kill sheep. There just aren’t enough and you’ll waste a lot of time waiting for respawns.
  • You might have what is needed for the Town Project Board mission right in your inventory if you’ve been gathering as you go, making some of these quests really easy to complete.
  • You can also sometimes find the items for the Town Project Board mission for sale at the Trading Post, which can also make them really quick.
  • The higher level the zone, the more experience points the Town Project Board missions provide.

Powerlevel with Elite Areas and PVP

Want to level faster? Here are a few tips beyond the standard questing:

  • Traveling with groups and decimating entire areas is an effective and quick way to level both your character and your weapons.
  • PVP provides massive experience if that’s your cup of tea. It’s not required, but it’s a great way to level.
  • If you’re more into PVE, there are several area with Elite mobs. You’ll need a group, but these areas are fantastic for XP. Here are the zones to head to:
    • Dead Man’s Cove in Monarch’s Bluffs
    • Brightwood Isle in Brightwood
    • Periville in Weaver’s Fen
    • Stone Skull Fort in Cutlass Keys.

Tips for getting around quickly

  • Every waypoint of importance gets stored in your compass at the top of the screen. Think of it a bit like Jack Sparrow’s compass. It will always lead you to where you need to go, but keep in mind that it doesn’t account for elevation.
  • Be sure you stop at all the fast travel shrines.
  • If you are going to fast travel from a settlement, offload as much inventory as you can in your Storage Shed. This will reduce the fast travel cost.
  • Once you buy a house, be sure to register at a Inn in a different town.
  • You can “hearth” to your house or the Inn. It’s better for them to be in different towns.
  • Be sure you check the taxes before you decide where to build your house.

Tips to reduce downtime

  • When you open up your second weapon slot, equip your Life Staff. As long as you use it once in the combat, you’ll receive skill points.
    • Get enough to unlock the first heal.
  • When you get to a new questing area, set up your camp and bind to it. This will give you a respawn point should you get killed.
    • You can bind to a camp built by another player. This will save you the crafting reagents.
  • Take food with you and make sure you keep the well fed buff going.
  • You don’t get any out of combat health regeneration unless you have the buff.
  • Always hit up the honey pots in town for some free food, but remember honey doesn’t give the well fed buff.
  • If you’re at death’s door (hit points reduced to zero) and no one is around, just take the death. There’s no point in waiting the full two minutes hoping someone will wander by, especially if you’ve set your camp close.

I hope you’ll find these tips and tricks helpful as you explore Aeternum. Do you have a great tip or trick for New World? Let me know in the comments.

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