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WoWOct 15, 2021 10:00 am CT

It will be much easier to farm Archivist’s Codex rep in 9.1.5

Maybe you haven’t really been playing Shadowlands and you’re thinking about coming back, but you’re intimidated by the whole process of getting Archivist’s Codex reputation. Or maybe you’ve been playing, but now you want to start gearing up some alts and you’re not looking forward to the whole process again. In both cases, patch 9.1.5 will see some significant changes to the Archivist’s Codex and the reputation grind which could really help you out.

One change is that, if you have a main who has already progressed through the Archivist’s Codex reputation tiers, you can pick up Research Reports and Treatise items account wide, as long as you have a character on your account who has the proper rep tier unlocked. Also, if you’re Tier 6, you can buy a brand new item, the Research Report: Relic Examination Technique, which will give you an additional 50% reputation for your alts trying to get to max level for every Relic and Relic Fragment that you turn in.

Now, you might be thinking that’s great for alts, but I am working on this on my main and I’m way behind and there are still some really solid changes for you, too. One of the main ways to gain reputation with the Archivist’s Codex is Relic Farming, wherein you turn in various forms of Korthian Relics to Archivist Roh-Suir, from whom you collect Catalogued Research. You gain 1 reputation point for every 2 Catalogued Research you collect in this fashion, and there are various changes to Relic drops that make it easier to collect more Catalogued Research faster.

Korthia will be much richer in Relics in patch 9.1.5

For example, the Tier 4 quest Relic Efficiency now increases how many bonus Relics can drop from chests and treasures and increases how many you can receive from World Quests and Weekly Reward Chests, which is on top of the 20% of double Relics from rares and treasures it offers now. Also, there’s a Tier 3 version of Relic Efficiency, called Relic Clues, which adds a 10% chance of double Relics from all of those sources, and at Tier 5 you can get the quest Relic Hunter, which increases the chance to 40%. So at Tier 3 you’ll get a 10% chance at double Relics, Tier 4 will still provide 20%, and Tier 5 will increase it to 40%, and all three of these quests will avoid every activity that can give you Relics. Alt or main, you’ll get more Relics as you progress through Codex reputation.

In addition, Korthia Rares can now potentially drop more Relics on repeat kills during the same day, making it worthwhile to help kill ones you’ve already killed that day for a bit more Relics for rep. Also, at Tier 4 (or if you’re on an alt with a Tier 4 or above main) you will be able to run the weekly Lost Research quest, which sends you into a Korthian Rift. Completing the quest will grant high Archivist’s Codex reputation and Catalogued Research. And the enemies inside those Rifts will also drop stolen Relic Fragments and a chance at Relics, which can also of course be turned in for Codex reputation.

So, while we don’t currently know exactly how much rep will be possible in 9.1.5, it clearly will be more than it is now, especially at higher Tiers, which helps to address the standard complaints that Tier 4 and above are pretty painfully grindy as well as making it much easier to gear up on alts once you’ve done it on a main. The new Tier 3 and Tier 5 quests and the adjustment to Relic Efficiency should also help, and the new weekly Lost Research quest definitely will boost things along, for hopefully a much smoother experience all told for everyone.

You can check out the patch notes for these and all other changes coming in patch 9.1.5 here.

Originally Posted by Linxy (Official Post)

  • Archivists’ Codex Reputation
    • The Research Reports (item upgrades) and Treatise items (bonus drops in 9.0 content) are now available for purchase account wide if a character on their account has reached the appropriate reputation Tier.
    • Players at Tier 6 can now purchase the item “Research Report: Relic Examination Techniques”, a new bind-on-account item they can send to an alt to increase the reputation granted by Relics and Relic Fragments by 50%.
    • The quest “Relic Efficiency” offered at Tier 4 now also increases the average number of Relics that will show up as bonus drops from rares and treasures as well as how many relics show up on daily quests or in weekly reward chests. This is in addition to the current reward of a 20% chance to receive double the normal Relic Fragment drops from rares and treasures.
    • Added two new quests, “Relic Clues” at Tier 3 which starts the bonus at an initial 10% chance at double Relic Fragments, and “Relic Hunter” at Tier 5 that will set the final chance for double relics at 40%. Both of these new quests will also increase the average number of relics you will see as bonus drops, on daily quests or in weekly reward chests.
      • Developers’ note: We want to improve the experience on alts looking to gear up through Korthia by providing immediate access to the upgrade unlocks and a reputation increase if a player’s main character has reached Tier 6. We also understand that the end tiers of the reputation are taking longer than we intended, especially for players with limited play time or are not powerful enough yet to delve into the rifts on Korthia. To that end we have added the new quests at Tier 3 and 5 and adjusted the one at Tier 4 to increase the Relic count from the weekly and daily rewards. This along with their other bonus of increasing the Relic Fragment drops we hope will speed up everyone’s progress to restore the Archivists’ Codex.
    • Korthia rares now have a chance to drop Relics on repeat kills (was a daily lockout for a chance at Relics).
    • More Relic carrying enemies can be found in Korthia with the All-Seeing Crystal.
    • Trained Gromit now locates more relic caches.
    • Korthia Rifts
      • A new weekly quest, “Lost Research”, will be available to characters at Tier 4 with the Archivists’ Codex or on alts with a Tier 4 character on the account. This new quest will direct players into the Korthian Rift and reward a large amount of Archivists’ Codex reputation and Cataloged Research.
      • Enemies in Korthian Rifts now drop stolen Relic Fragments and a chance at Relics.

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