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It’s time for a whole new round of Mankrik’s wife memes as Decimator Olgra makes her Shadowlands debut

I feel like calling her 'Mankrik's wife' is a bit dismissive -- in fact, I suggest we just call the guy 'Olgra's husband' for an entire expansion, see how he likes it -- but regardless, in Shadowlands we'll finally get to meet Olgra, whose husband misplaced her all the way back in the original Barrens of World of Warcraft.

The Queue: Shadowlands and you

We officially know when Shadowlands will be live, which I’m sure is a big relief for a lot of us. For myself, I’m just hoping that I figure out which character I’m taking to 60 first by then — it’s a toss up between my Dwarf and Night Elf Warriors for me.

I like my Dwarf a lot but my Nelf has unfinished business this time around.

This is the Queue. Let’s talk about stuff.

The Queue: Big honking fist weapons

Since the Shadowlands pre-patch I’ve been working on my fist weapon transmogs, farming up The Bladefist from Highmaul, Fist of the Deity from Gundrak, and the Abomination’s Knuckles from ICC. I’m annoyed that I didn’t already have the Abom Knucks, cause I used to tank ICC with them back in the day. But apparently I forgot to keep them, which is irritating because I kept literally everything else. Luckily, they dropped for me.

The new customization options mean that I’m basically spending gold to make my characters match their outfits, so I don’t think I’ll have any money in Shadowlands but regardless I do enjoy fisting. I know the horrible connotations of that, and I don’t care, I enjoy my new fist weapon playstyle just that much.

This is the Queue. I’m filling in for Liz. Let’s do this.

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