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The QueueOct 18, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Let’s get things started

It’s the Muppet Queue!


Are you asking if Cory is a muppet? Do we need a follow-up question – if the BW staff were muppets – which muppet would they be?

I’m not a Muppet, that I know of. Maybe I’m a secret Muppet and everyone around me has been covering it up.

As for the rest of the staff around here:

  • Liz is definitely 100% Kermit — Nothing would get done around here if it wasn’t for her.
  • Anna is Miss Piggy — I fully believe that she could kick all of our butts with karate while looking fabulous.
  • Dan is Scooter — He manages things and makes sure that all the acts are taken care of.
  • Rossi is Sweetums — He may look big and intimidating but he’s got that soft spot.
  • Mitch is Gonzo — Pure chaos and always trying to blow himself up. (although I was this close to saying he was Uncle Deadly because he’s very spooky)
  • Kalcheus and Red are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker — but I’m not saying who is who. The wacky scientists who get a bunch of stuff done around here that may or may not be useful.
  • Lotharfox is Lew Zealand — I’ve never seen him throw a fish like a boomerang, but I’m 73.7% certain that he could hit whatever he was aiming at.
  • Joe is Rowlf the Dog — So musical, so wise.
  • Flan is the Swedish Chef — for all of the wonderful food.
  • Anna W is Animal — Partly because of all of the animals, but also I bet she would be good on the drums.
  • Liz P — Statler and Waldorf — Always ready to heckle Liz

And I’m Fozzie. Y’know, for the jokes.

Of course, these are all fluid and could change at any moment for any reason.


Q4tQ: What classes would you have in a Muppets MMO?

A Muppets-based MMO would have to have different stage positions as its classes. You need at least one Stage Manager/Show Host, Background production types, and three Performers to get a do a show. You could break that down into musicians, mimes, whatever Gonzo is, and fish throwers.

You’d play through various epic stories like their Christmas Carol, or Treasure Island riffs. As well as some more down to Earth adventures like running a telethon to save your theater and dealing with Pigs… in space!



Q4tQ. I see Muppets Haunted Mansion mentioned a lot around here. If there was one character from the Muppets you could see in Shadowlands, which one would it be and which Covenant would they join.

Follow-up question, one character from WoW lore does an episode of the Muppets, which one and what is their act?

Fozzie Bear would show up in Ardenweald. He’d fit right in because he’s a bear, and he loves to perform. I don’t know how well he’d do on stage at the Ardenweald amphitheater though — they might throw him to the boggarts.

I’m thinking that it would be Jaina performing with the Muppets. She would spend the whole episode trying to do an act that wasn’t magic-related at all until finally, she’d have to use her powers to put out a fire started by Gonzo. Statler and Waldorf would heckle her about not making the fire bigger.


For the Painsmith fight, you left out the part about using Soulshape to blink past the wall of spikes when the safe area is on the other side of the room, then laughing at all the non-Night Fae folks.

This is Venthyr erasure! We can Door of Shadows our way across the spikes.

However, I’ve stopped even doing the intermission on my raid’s reclears. My natural Bear-ness just takes care of the damage for me, I never hit below 60% health, I use the opportunity to change the music I’m listening to, or I check Twitter.


Q4tQ: what do you call a game reward system that isn’t rewarding?

Asking because I’ve opened three Mercenaries packs today. I got a bunch of coins for characters I either never or rarely use, and three portraits for characters I already have – one orc whose abilities I don’t like, and not one but two portraits for that blue fox, whom I haven’t leveled past six.

I feel like this game is already making it way, way too much of a grind to get the characters I want and it’s only been out for five days. -_- I know I shouldn’t expect to get everything quickly, but it’s really discouraging to see characters I want that cost 500 coins, and at this rate it’ll take me months to get them because the game keeps on giving me coins for other characters, many of whom I don’t even play (stupid murlocs, go away!).

You’re not wrong that the Mercenaries rewards do feel weird.

I do like that it’s got duplicate protection so that you won’t get another copy of a merc you’ve already opened. But getting portraits doesn’t feel that awesome when you know that there are still all those extra fancy mercs out there that you’re just itching to get your hands on. It’s just a bad byproduct of not fully explaining that you’ll get mercs until you have all of the mercs from that rarity tier and the Epic and Legendary ones are as rare as the Epic and Legendary cards in regular Hearthstone.

It is definitely a grindy game. I’m not sure when if ever I’ll unlock Diablo unless I just get super lucky from the daily tasks given to me by characters. I’m liking the gameplay for what it is, but I’m not really going to invest too much of my time and effort into trying to get specific people. When they come they come, and until then I’ll just make what I have work. I’ll keep poking at it occasionally while I’m watching TV, or on a long trip — but I’m not devoting too much brain power to it.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Red Right Hand

I know that the last two earworms haven’t been as relevant to the Queue at hand but it’s only Halloween month for one month so I’ve got all these Halloween songs that need to be inflicted shared!

Have a spooky week everyone!

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