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Diablo > Lore > PodcastOct 26, 2021 5:00 pm CT

Lore Watch Podcast: 9 episodes of Lore Watch to bring you up to speed on Diablo lore

Diablo 4 characters around campfire

With Diablo 2: Resurrected out, and with both Diablo: Immortal and Diablo 4 looming in the future, we thought it might be a good time to do a bit of a round up on the lore of Diablo from our Lore Watch Podcast. We’re pretty sure you are as well as we’ve gotten quite a number of questions recently revolving around the dark and mysterious world of Sanctuary.

So stay a while and listen! If you need to brush up on your Diablo lore, you can listen to each podcast directly from this post or click on download icon along the lower bar of the player below to listen on your own device, so let’s dive in to the Eternal Conflict.

The Diablo cosmology explained

You can’t understand Diablo without understanding the Eternal Conflict, which means learning how the universe of Diablo came to be. The world of Sanctuary was created as an escape from this endless war, yet now it stands at the heart of it. The Eternal Conflict of Sanctuary sets the tone for every story to come.

Listen to episode 133 to start at the very beginning of the Diablo universe.

The story of the Soul Stones in Diablo

Soul Stones were meant to lock the Evils away from the world, but that hasn’t quite worked out. Throughout the franchise, we find ourselves seeking to contain the power trapped within these Soul Stones, with varying degrees of success. So what are Soul Stones?

Listen to episode 179 to learn more about these mysterious and troublesome gems.

The stories behind Diablo’s many classes

As a game, Diablo is often described in terms of the classes you can play throughout the franchise, and the story of these different groups — from the Amazons to the Necromancers — informs the story of the game world itself. These episodes will help you understand the history behind the franchise’s classes, the ties between them, how they were formed, and why they fight against the cosmic forces of the Eternal Conflict.

Listen to episode 183 for more on the game’s spellcasters: Wizards, Sorceresses, and (at least sometimes) Druids.

Listen to episode 184 for more on the game’s holy warriors: Paladins, Crusaders, and Templars.

Listen to episode 192  for more on two of the game’s most iconic classes, the Necromancer and Amazon, plus the more recently-introduced Monk.

Listen to episode 193 for more on some of the Diablo’s more devious classes, the Assassin, Demon Hunter, and Witch Doctor.

The story of Diablo 2

Now that you understand how the universe came to be, the nature of the Eternal Conflict, and how Sanctuary’s factions and classes tie into the world, it is time to unravel the story, starting with Diablo 2. We spent two episodes breaking down all of the major story beats piece by piece, taking everything from the previous episodes and tying it together so that as you make your way through Diablo 2: Resurrected you’ll have a deeper understanding on what’s going on around you.

Listen to episode 202 for the first half of our Diablo 2 discussion.

Listen to episode 203 for the second half of our Diablo 2 discussion.

Diablo 4 and the future of the Diablo story

At this point you’ve heard the story of the universe, you’ve heard how the classes direct the story up through Diablo 3, but what about the future? Well, we spent an episode talking about exactly our expectations and wants for the story of Diablo 4.

Listen to episode 114 for everything we hope for in Diablo 4.

There you go, a playlist gathering all of our Lore Watch coverage Diablo. At least this is all for now — I’m sure we’ll have plenty more to come, which I think will make Matt quite happy.

Have your own Diablo questions for Matt and Joe? Email us at [email protected] to get your questions answered! And if you’d like to catch up on previous Lore Watch podcasts, our weekly Blizzard Watch podcast, or our ongoing Dungeons & Dragons podcasts, check out our podcast page. You can also search for any of these programs in your favorite podcast player to subscribe and be notified when a new episode is released.

Thanks for listening!

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