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Diablo 4

The Queue: What am I even doing?

Sometimes I seriously don’t understand what I’m up to. Switching back to Warrior? After spending the better part of a month grinding reps and getting geared on my DK? Seriously I think I have some sincere issues that would require a team of trained professionals to unravel.

Anyway, here’s the Queue. And the R, for the one person who loves that joke.

Know Your Lore: What do we expect to see in Diablo 4?

The lore of the Diablo franchise has gotten deeper and more involved with every new game, expanding from the small town of Tristram and the catacombs beneath the cathedral there to a globe-spanning adventure that led to Hell itself and finally in Diablo 3 we went to the Heavens and Pandemonium in turn. We've seen nightmarish monsters, Baal's army overwhelm the Barbarians and the destruction of the Worldstone, the siege of the Crystal Arch and the Nephalem stand triumphant against a former Archangel with the power of all seven Evils in its grasp.

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