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The QueueOct 27, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Uh, I can come back if you guys are in the middle of something…

It always feels so, so awkward to walk into the room and Garrosh and Saurfang are in the middle of their argument about killing Hellscream if he ever drags the Horde down that dark path again. I mean, okay, that’s great, but I had a quest? Are either of you going to be done soon so I can turn this in?

Also, seriously, don’t ask about the antlers.


I’ve watched so much Hololive in the last couple of days I was dreaming in Minecraft. I’ve never even played Minecraft.

This happens to me with great regularity. Not Minecraft — never played it, never watched a video of it, have no children — but Overwatch, because I love the lore but can’t handle playing the game due to the old being blind thing, or Tetris although I have played that. Still, it’s been decades since I played it last, and I still sometimes dream of blocks falling from the sky. Similarly, I’ve watched so many lore videos that I have daydreams and even actual dreams about the Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire game even though I only ever played PoE.



Q4tQ: Would you use an OP ability that used a character’s gold as a resource?

edit: I forgot Blizz sells gold. wow, this could be a terribad idea

No. The game is gold dependent enough as it is.


What if the First Ones waking up isn’t something we should be looking forward to? What if it’s a bad thing for our world(s)? Laying dead on the floor, I listed to a bit of Fatescribe’s dialog. He seems to be an astronomer or astrologer, which may have been why he was kidnapped from Korthia. I am guessing the stars have aligned so that Anduin may be used for the Jailer’s purposes, and Fatescribe can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the First Ones. The Sepulcher may not be in the Shadowlands at all.

Leaving aside the fact that we don’t know if the actual First Ones are even at the Sepulcher, because a lot of people have already made that point, it’s entirely possible that not only is the Sepulcher not in the Shadowlands, it might not even actually be a Sepulcher at all. I mean, if the First Ones are ‘dead’ then who buried them?

Furthermore, if they did wake up, why would Zovaal be any sort of problem for them? They seem to be responsible for making existence, at least as we understand it — I’m fairly sure Zovaal/The Jailer isn’t so powerful he could take on the creators of everything. I suspect what he’s looking for is where their secrets are kept, not them, as they’d be a magnitude of difficulty harder to deal with than anything he’s faced up to this point.

I definitely think it would be a bad thing for us if the First Ones woke up. They feel like the types who would just call blank slate on the entire Warcraft cosmos and start over.


With BlizzConline canceled, one possibility that occurred to me is that we might actually get an expansion announcement sooner then we otherwise would.

The only potential hard requirement is not announcing it before announcing 9.2, but we’ll probably get a 9.2 announcement in November some time. At that point December and January would be in the cards for an Expansion 9 announcement.

I’m not sure if there’s any gaming conventions in that timeframe, however Blizzard will always have the option of just announcing it on a livestream event that’s just the expansion announcement.

I wouldn’t expect an announcement of the next expansion in January, I think that’s more likely going to be the period when we’re testing patch 9.2 and they won’t want to draw focus away from it. But it also could be the date of the 9.2 announcement — it seems unlikely that they’ll want to make a big deal about the patch unless they’re really close to a PTR for it, and I have no idea how close that is.

There are a fair amount of conventions Blizzard could attend if they wanted to make an announcement, or as you pointed out, they could just do an announcement on a livestream or make a video for it and release it. It doesn’t have to be at a convention.


I never realise as many people play Alliance as they do until Terror in Tirna Scithe days.

It’s the ol’ confirmation bias thing again. They’re there, but you only really notice them when you have a reason to.

Okay, well, these guys are going to keep arguing but I managed to pop in and get the next quest so now I go outside and fight stuff. When I come back, I suspect they will still be arguing. Maybe Garrosh is just jealous that Saurfang gets to have his BFA glow up armor, but he’s stuck in that weird Naxxramas DKalike gear.

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