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D&D > Tavern WatchNov 12, 2021 8:00 pm CT

Join us this this weekend as the Blizzard Watch D&D crew unveils the mysteries behind the Witchlight Carnival

Come one, come all this weekend’s D&D game, streaming this Saturday on Twitch at 2:30PM Central, where we’ll be playing our second session of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. Last time, our party explored the Witchlight Carnival, where they chatted with trees, made friends with displacer beasts, learned a little about miming, and set to looking for things they’d lost in the carnival grounds on a visit long ago. This time, perhaps they’ll manage to figure out the real mystery behind the Witchlight Carnival.

Missed our last session? That’s okay, because it’s quick to catch up: you can listen to Episode 1: A New Adventure on Soundcloud right now.

I will be DMing this adventure for our illustrious players, who include:

  • Joe Perez as Alistaire Hoppington, a Harengon Fighter. Alistaire, twin to Hippolyte Hoppleton, is a serious and focused individual. Since visiting the carnival as a child, Alistaire has lost all sense of mirth, and has poured everything of his being into maintaining the family legacy of honor, dedication, the virtues of Bushido, and keeping his sister out of harm that she inevitably finds herself in with her inexplicably brazen attitude.
  • Matt Rossi as Hippolyte Millicent Hoppleton, a Harengon Bard. Hippolyte is a Bard not out of any real love for music or performing, but more out of a sincere desire to needle her brother whenever and wherever she can. She lacks the capacity for shame, having lost it at a mysterious carnival.
  • Anna Washenko as Moss, a Human Ranger. Moss has no memory of her life before she woke up alone in the deep woods, and has learned new skills by necessity: crafting potions, befriending animals, and avoiding other people as much as possible. She’s more comfortable with her constant companion, a giant gray wolf named Puppy.
  • Andrew Powers as Trueshot Avaetho, a Damper Fighter. Trueshot is a High Elf recently turned into a Dhampir. He’s great with a bow and can do some amazing trick shots. But while he’s wise enough to see what’s around him and pick up on clues, he’s lost the ability to piece things together and see the bigger picture.
  • Liz Patt as Xilthana Laidon, an Eladrin Elf Ranger. Xilthana is a complete hermit, having been misplaced both her family and Feywild hometown after entering a mysterious carnival in her childhood and emerging with no sense of the way home, or the way anywhere.

I hope you’ll join us on our trip into the Witchlight Carnival — it’s sure to be an interesting adventure. You can listen to the show live this Saturday, November 13 at 2:30PM Central on Twitch. If you can’t catch us live, never fear — you can listen on our podcast stream early next week.

I’ll see you in the Feywild!

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