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The QueueDec 2, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Not getting back to where this once belonged

It’s my debut writing this column, and I’m so lucky to have all sorts of good stuff to cover today. Television, favorite mounts, and even The Beatles.

There will be an answer — it’s The Queue.


How often do you change up your mounts?

I tend not to, which is why most of my mounts are ridden once and never again. Like, my ret paladin uses the Argent Charger for his ground mount, and the Temple Guardian (aka the Goodest Boy) as his flying mount. My priest and shaman use the Headless Horseman’s mount, my Draenei hunter the TLPD for flight and a nightsaber for ground.

Occasionally I’ll mix it up by spec; my rogue always rides the Fox as her Subtlety mount, for example. But otherwise I rarely switch mounts on toons after a certain point.

I love this question! And it’s a super important question, because we amass such a huge collection of sweet rides in any MMO. But in general, my experience is that when I’m playing a game where I get deeply attached to my character, I also get deeply attached to whatever mount best matches them. For instance, my WoW main is a pandaren and I worked very hard to raise her little egg into a proud and beautiful Cloud Serpent. I couldn’t give that baby up.

I develop the same feeling in single-player games. There’s a genuine bond between your in-game self and your mount. It warms my little heart to see AAA studios adding voice lines where the main characters talk to their horses. More of that please, developers!



Did you watch Get Back? If so:

A. … and you are a Beatles fan, what did you think?
B. … you are not a fan, what did you think?

I am a Beatles fan. However, I would rather spend eight straight hours just listening to their music than watching a documentary about them. At this point, I know enough about the band that I don’t think this investment of time is going to radically change how I feel about the Beatles or their songs.

Some folks already sounded off about the Peter Jackson saga in the Queue comments yesterday and seemed to share my feeling about it. Any passionate defenders of Get Back want to come to the movie’s defense?


Ever have a series you loved but would never watch again? For me it was the reboot of Battlestar Galactica. Wonderful writing and acting, but once the last episode aired I found it impossible to watch again. It was like a murder mystery you find out who the killer really is and all the plot devices are no longer effective.

What didn’t help was the show’s dark and grinding atmosphere. I expected Adama’s raptor to crash in the last scene killing the survivors of the fleet.

Honestly, I needed to include question this because I am the queen of rewatching television. One of my favorite delights is returning to my old friends from The Simpsons or Daria or Better Off Ted.

But it makes total sense that for a show like Battlestar Galactica or Lost or Game of Thrones that you’d never want to return after a single viewing. That’s probably because the characters in those shows aren’t the types you’d really want to hang out with if you could avoid it. And if for some reason you do see Joffrey Baratheon or Gaius Baltar as a cool dude to get beers with, please stay very far away from me.


Q4tQ: is it just me or is this music really frickin’ creepy?

I’m getting ‘Halloween haunted house’ vibes rather than ‘spiritual afterlife’ vibes. So no, dear Moose, it is not just you.

That’s the long and winding road leading me to the end of my Queue debut! Hopefully they’ll let me return to make more musical references.

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