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Cute! > Off TopicDec 17, 2021 2:25 pm CT

Blizzard Watch needs a nap, and so do these sleepy, snuggly critters

Sometimes it’s the stress of holiday preparation, sometimes it’s getting final work deadlines met, sometimes it’s the realization that it has been another long year that has managed to both fly by in a flash and drag on for way, way too long — we’re not sure what it is, but something makes the last few weeks of the year so inevitably exhausting. In short, we could all use a nap.

And so today I bring you a collection of snoozes. May these animals inspire us all to get all the sleep we actually need. Zzzzzz…..

Time for a cat nap

If this isn’t the most adorable cat bed in the world, I demand to see photo proof to the contrary in the comments.


If only we humans could fall asleep so instantaneously and adorably.

“Yes, I’d like a nap sandwich, please.”

“Golden brown and cuddly. Hold the mayo.”

The requisite twitchy dog video

Whuffling and snuffling is even more hilarious when you’ve got a schnauzer schnoz this cute.

Speaking of twitches…

What do baby giraffes dream about?

A little something for the Aussies

Well now I need to find out if koalas snore.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

I think we can all relate to this tiny corgi. All we want to do is rest, but life says, “No way, keeping you awake is way more hilarious!”

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