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Discussion > WoWJan 7, 2022 8:00 am CT

What do you think Azshara is up to?

When we last saw Azshara back in patch 8.3, we had freed her from Dark Inquisitor Xanesh and in payment she gave us Xal’atath as means of defeating N’Zoth. We then let her go of course because that’s what we do. As she departed, we were left with an enigmatic clue as to her plan:

The true throne of power beckons, and I intend to claim it.

That Azshara would want a “throne of power” is of course not a surprise but it’s a question as to what she considers the “true” (and thus most powerful) throne is. Knowing her like we do, I think it’s safe to say she isn’t planning on simply returning to Nazjatar. N’Zoth is (maybe) defeated and she is no longer under his sway, so the world is her oyster. What pearl is she seeking?

To answer that question I feel we need to throw out any of the normal kingdoms or realms on Azeroth — I just don’t see her angling for a seat on the Council of Three Hammers or making a play for Suramar. There’s currently a vacancy in Icecrown while Bolvar works to stop Sylvanas in the Shadowlands, but with the Helm of Domination in pieces there’s no crown she could place on her head.

Death isn’t the only cosmic power, though, and we know that Azshara has dealt with Titans before; perhaps the “throne” she seeks is that of the Titans on Azeroth? We know that Sargeras was the only being she considered her equal, and her desire to remake Azeroth into a place of perfection that matched her own sounds an awful lot like reorigination to me. The Titans themselves are currently out of the picture, content to watch Illidan beat up Sargeras in the Seat of the Pantheon.

What this means in gameplay, however, is hard to say. None of the existing Titan facilities act as a “throne,”  instead serving specific functions usually involving watching over Old Gods. There were two other facilities name-dropped in Battle for Azeroth — Uldaz and Uldorus — so it’s possible one of them or another unknown one acted as a seat of power for the Titans on Azeroth. Azeroth herself has various chambers, perhaps Azshara is venturing to someplace called the “Crown of Azeroth” from where she can command the nascent planet to obey her orders? There are a lot of possibilities of the where, but the why is straightforward — to wield titanic power.

But what do you think Azshara is up to? Is she making a play for the Titans’ throne, or is there another power she seeks to tap — the Emerald Dream, perhaps? Or is she simply biding her time waiting for Lor’themar to retire so she can rule Silvermoon? And most important of all when do you think we’ll see her again, will it be Soon™ or actually soon?

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