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WoWFeb 22, 2022 4:00 pm CT

Cosmic Flux, the currency that will help you gear up in patch 9.2

Every patch in Shadowlands brings new currencies, and patch 9.2 is no different, bringing us Cosmic Flux as the currency you’ll need to gear up. Whether you’re a raider, Mythic+ dungeon runner, or PVPer, Cosmic Flux is something you are going to come across as you play, and you’ll need to use it to improve your gear. How much you find and how much you need will vary based on what you do.

What’s it used for? Where does it come from? And how much will you need, exactly?

What is Cosmic Flux used for?

Cosmic Flux is the new Legendary currency. Legendary armor previously could only upgrade to rank 6 and ilevel 262. In patch 9.2 Legendary armor can now upgrade to rank 7. The cost to upgrade from rank 6 isn’t extra Soul Ash or Soul Cinders like before — it’s just 2,000 Cosmic Flux, so you can upgrade without any more Torghast runs. If you need to create a new rank 7 Legendary, the total additive cost to upgrade is 2,000 Cosmic Flux, 1,650 Soul Cinders, and 5,150 Soul Ash. Soul Cinders and Soul Ash still come from Torghast, or by having the Runecarver disenchant previous Legendary armor pieces. Soul Ash can also come from the Great Vault.

Patch 9.2 also introduces the second-Legendary-but-not-completely. It’s the Memory of Unity Legendary which specifically gives the Covenant Legendary ability, but doesn’t prevent you from wearing another Legendary. After completing Chapter 7 of the new story campaign, a belt piece of armor will be rewarded — for example, Cord of Unity for cloth wearers or Cinch of Unity for leather wearers. This will grant the ability of the Covenant Legendary. If a character switches Covenants, the ability changes to that of the new Covenant. A vendor in Zereth Mortis named Vilo will sell the belt if needed.

There are two issues with this Legendary belt — it’s only for the waist slot, so if you already have a Legendary there you couldn’t wear both, and this belt is ilevel 265 and cannot be upgraded at the Runecarver. If you want to upgrade this to ilevel 291 or want your second Legendary in a different slot, you’ll need to buy Memory of Unity from Vilo for 500 Cosmic Flux and add this to the Runecarver. Do this once, and it’s available on all of your characters. However, this means you will need to craft a new Legendary on all of them.

The second Legendary isn’t the only thing Cosmic Flux is used for when it comes to gearing up. Tier sets have returned — and they are not just for raiders! Now, there is a place in Zereth Mortis called Catalyst Garden, with a Creation Catalyst Console. A piece of gear can be added and converted into a tier piece. The ilevel doesn’t change, but the tier bonus is added, and the secondary stats change to be in line with the tier gear. The cost to convert is 1,200 Cosmic Flux for the Shoulder and Hand slots, and 1,500 for Head, Chest, and Legs slots. Tertiary stats, like leech and gem slots, will not be affected. This feature doesn’t open until the eighth week of patch 9.2, and then only one piece of gear can be converted each week. Later on, more will be allowed.

Where can I get Cosmic Flux?

This new currency needed by everyone comes from a lot of varied sources. Mythic dungeons of any difficulty, reward 100 Cosmic Flux. Rated Arenas reward 345 Cosmic Flux. How much comes from raid bosses isn’t confirmed, but since this currency is so desirable it’s very likely it’ll come from raid bosses as well, even if the amounts aren’t yet confirmed. The Great Vault allows the purchase of 500 Cosmic Flux per one Attendant’s Token of Merit. Also, the new Layers of Torghast reward Cosmic Flux. If you need Soul Ash and Soul Cinders for a new Legendary, then unlock and run Layers 13 through 16, which reward 70, 80, 90, and 100 Cosmic Flux.

Cosmic Flux also comes from activities out in Zereth Mortis. The twice weekly quest Patterns Within Patterns rewards 150 Cosmic Flux. Dailies reward 75 Cosmic Flux each. Once-per-day treasures reward 75 Cosmic Flux and Rares reward 50 to 75 Cosmic Flux. There are repeatable treasures that spawn, giving 10 to 14 Cosmic Flux. There are also one-time treasures that give 200, and one time quests that give 200 or 500 Cosmic Flux. Going out into the new zone and doing the activities there will cause this new currency to add up by the time it’s needed.

When you’ve spent all that time out in Zereth Mortis and have built up reputation with the Enlightened to Exalted — but keep earning more and more rep by doing you dailies and all that — every 10,000 reputation earns an Enlightened Broker Supplies box, which rewards 1,000 Cosmic Flux. As long as you’re doing your dailies, or activity that is earning reputation, Cosmic Flux is a lot easier to earn at this point.

Originally posted 2/15/2022. Updated 2/22/2022.

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