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WoWFeb 22, 2022 2:20 pm CT

Are the WoW servers up yet? Yes!

Update: The servers are up, and patch 9.2 is now live!

Patch 9.2 releases today, bringing us Eternity’s End after a long maintenance window. Servers are scheduled to be down from 7am – 3pm Pacific, but we’ll keep you updated as to their current status here.

Remember, your gameplay experience may not be perfect even after servers come up. In the recent past we’ve seen login queues, server lag, and random disconnects, so manage your expectations of being able to play today accordingly. And of course, keep refreshing your manager of choice to get new addon versions of your favorites as they’re released.

Of course, Blizzard Watch is still here for you during this lengthy downtime. Read up on unlocking flying in Zereth Mortis, earning your new tier sets, or the new pet/mount crafting system while you wait out the maintenance. Heck, catch up on details for the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid — you may want to be ready for that raid unlock schedule. There’s also the new currency, Cosmic Flux, to consider, though you’ll get to earn that by doing nearly everything in Zereth Mortis. There are also several quality of life changes coming in patch 9.2, like several players being able to skin the same mob.

Happy Hunger Games 9.2 patch day, and may the (login) odds be ever in your favor!

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