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The QueueFeb 28, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Switcheroo

Cory was nice enough to switch Queue’s with me this week so I could take Wednesday to do some things that are really necessary. So here we are, Queueing it up. Here’s an AMV on YouTube I like. And here’s another. Look, Arcane: A League of Legends Story was really just that good, okay?


What if, in a raid, the bosses fought us at the same time? It would be the practical thing to do for the bosses are people who know us and aren’t brimming with hubris, i.e. Fandral in the Firelands summons Alysrazor, is like, “I wish I could watch her reduce you to cinders but I am needed elsewhere farewell!” Council fights feel like division rather than multiplication to me, one boss divided into however many weaker people, but who wouldn’t want to fight Gul’dan, Gul’dan, Archimonde, the big Eredar who stabbed Tyrian, Magtheridon, and Jaraxxus all at once, just for fun? I feel that could literally be Mal’ganis’ plan the next time he tries to kill us

Two Gul’dan at once? Or is that Gul’dan’s?

In all seriousness, I think it doesn’t happen because boss fights are mechanically complex and having every single boss show up at once in a raid would be brutal and probably over fairly quickly, since the fights are usually tuned to be a challenge to a group of players by themselves. But it does strike me as a fun way to create a hard mode fight. Imagine a smaller raid with two or three bosses, and if you wanted to, you could pull in such a way that all of them aggro’d at once.

You’d need to design the bosses with some form of interlocking abilities, I think — something they did in their normal appearances that would be devastating when combined with something the other bosses do. Somewhat like the Iron Council in Ulduar, but with bosses that work just fine on their own as well. It could be fun.


Q4tQ: Does god have feet?

Only on Mythic difficulty.


Q4tQ once I unlock scrapping a legendary for the materials – do I get the base item back or is that gone for good?

Everything I can find on this topic says it’s gone for good. Sorry! I know that’s awful.


Q4tQ: This afternoon I started the research for Sopranian Understanding. Protoform Synthesis mounts are by far the most exciting part of Cypher of the First Ones to me. But now that the unlock has been initiated, what should I do with the rest of my cyphers? Is it better to fill up one column before moving to another, or should I be trying to spread them evenly across all the columns as I go? Or does it really matter?

I think in terms of short term benefit it’s better to focus your efforts, but ultimately you’ll unlock the whole thing, so it’s not crucial.


I am trying to figure out how to create a D&D character who is a reverse charlatan. Somebody who comes across as a smooth-talking snake oil salesman but actual has skillz in medicine, herbalism, maybe brewing. Who would sell basic medical and hygienic products –that do help and are effective— at a premium. And also engage in scams and flim-flam and cheat at cards, etc., if it amuses him or has a good chance at making bank.

I want to figure out how to shoehorn that into the rogue class vs. bard.

If you’re not opposed to multi-classing but absolutely don’t want to be a Bard, I’d suggest an Arcane Trickster Rogue/Artificer. But even if you hate multi-classing, you can approximate that character concept with a pure Rogue. Here’s an example character with a custom background that includes Medicine and Nature and proficiency with Alchemist’s Supplies. You could switch Charisma and Wisdom around if you’d rather be better at smooth talking, maybe take Deception instead of Persuasion or use Expertise to buff it.

I made some spell choices that go along with the character concept but you don’t have to use them, and it’s a Standard Array build — point buy or even rolling might work better for you.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Be nice and leave lots of questions for Anna, and of course say hi to Cory on Wednesday.

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