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D&D > Off Topic > Tabletop RPG > Tavern WatchMar 9, 2022 6:00 pm CT

Wild Beyond the Witchlight returns this Saturday, March 12 as our players dig deeper into this weird carnival’s secrets

Our Wild beyond the Witchlight D&D game is returning this week, and it’s been a wild ride so far. You can catch the chaos streaming this Saturday on Twitch at 4:30PM Central. If you want to catch up on the whole thing, there’s a playlist of all the episodes — there are only three, so if you haven’t caught one of our streams and are curious what’s up with this wild little game, it’s not hard to catch up.

Set on the borders of the mysterious Feywild, the Witchlight Carnival is a mysterious place, with threats and dangers unlike your typical Dungeons and Dragons game. There are strange reflections haunting the Hall of Mirrors, both people and adorable kittens have gone missing, and the mysterious proprietors of the show — Mr. Witch and Mr. Light — are being remarkably close-lipped on the difficulties. Also, there’s a troublemaking Kenku who seems determined to find answers, and is willing to engage in mime voice stealing (and more) to get what they want.

Yes, the troublemaking Kenku, Kettlesteam, is played by our own Mitch, who has been slightly typecast.

And our players aren’t doing any better — DM Liz Harper has to herd the following cats as they struggle to unlock the Carnival’s mysteries and figure out how to get back what they’ve lost to the Carnival’s secrets.

  • Joe Perez as Alistaire Hoppington, a Harengon Fighter. Alistaire, twin to Hippolyte Hoppleton, is a serious and focused individual. Since visiting the carnival as a child, Alistaire has lost all sense of mirth, and has poured everything of his being into maintaining the family legacy of honor, dedication, the virtues of Bushido, and keeping his sister out of harm that she inevitably finds herself in with her inexplicably brazen attitude.
  • Matt Rossi as Hippolyte Millicent Hoppleton, a Harengon Bard. Hippolyte is a Bard not out of any real love for music or performing, but more out of a sincere desire to needle her brother whenever and wherever she can. She lacks the capacity for shame, having lost it at a mysterious carnival.
  • Anna Washenko as Moss, a Human Ranger. Moss has no memory of her life before she woke up alone in the deep woods, and has learned new skills by necessity: crafting potions, befriending animals, and avoiding other people as much as possible. She’s more comfortable with her constant companion, a giant gray wolf named Puppy.
  • Andrew Powers as Trueshot Avaetho, a Dampir Fighter. Trueshot is a High Elf recently turned into a Dhampir. He’s great with a bow and can do some amazing trick shots. But while he’s wise enough to see what’s around him and pick up on clues, he’s lost the ability to piece things together and see the bigger picture.

So please, join us! It’s easy to catch up if you’ve missed previous streams, and even if you prefer to listen to the recording, that’s fine by us. But we’re a raucous bunch and it can be fun to listen to the chaos, so if you’re available, please consider coming along with us Saturday, March 12 at 4:30 PM central — that’s 5:30 EST, 3:30 Mountain, and 2:30 Pacific time — on our Twitch channel.

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