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Cute! > Off TopicMar 18, 2022 4:00 pm CT

Welcome to March Cuteness! Our week one match is cats versus flowers

I haven’t followed college basketball in a long time, but I do love an NCAA-style showdown. Rather than bother with brackets and seeding (because all critters are adorable in their own special ways), Cuteness HQ will be featuring head-to-head battles of animals and some of their best-known nemeses. We’re kicking it off with cats and flowers.

Will the felines be victorious over their floral foes? Watch on and decide for yourself!

Waiting for the inevitable

Chomp chomp chomp!

These tulips look pretty sus…

And I don’t like the look of that plastic netting one bit.

The cat definitely won this round

Poor pink flowers.

Show that stem who’s boss

Cat is boss.

More curiosity than animosity

Although I must say, seeing that vase so close to a laptop made me very nervous.

Finally, a video where everyone wins

Because a relaxing spring day is good for all of us.

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