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WoWApr 25, 2022 10:00 am CT

Soon we’ll be able to transmog gray and white quality items and we are so excited

We should be able to transmog to the Trainee’s Sword, a white item available from the Wandering Isle and also from weapon racks in Desolace and the Badlands. Or the Chipped Colossus Blade, a gray item which resembles several other 2h swords, but has a unique color scheme. Or the Red Defias Mask, which every Rogue has in their bags, hoping against hope that someday they’ll be able to mog to it and have that cool red bandana over the nose and mouth look. Sadly, right now, you can’t transmog your gear to look like any gray or white quality items in World of Warcraft.

I said right now because it’s time to rejoice, fellow transmog junkies — we’re getting the long-awaited option to transmog gray and white items, either before or as soon as World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launches. You’ll finally be able to transmog to your pitchforks, your Twill sets, your Red Defias Masks, and even your Ripped Ogre Loincloth for all you cloth-wearers who want to wear a glorified rag instead of robes or pantsSure, this may sound silly to you — why would you go through all the effort of collecting all of this awesome looking gear from the various expansions we’ve played through in World of Warcraft and then spend our own gold making it look like we’re wearing the Forsaken Bastard Sword instead?

Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes we want a really simple, almost minimalistic set and the perfect accent piece is a gray or white quality item and we can’t use it and that’s just maddening. Maybe we really want to play our Mage as a mostly naked maniac and since we can’t turn off pants in the current Transmog system, that Ripped Ogre Loincloth is really the best possible option. Or there’s even the motivation from Ion Hazzikostas in the interview, where he said that they’re deliberately trying to add more opportunities for customization and self-expression.

Whatever their reasons for adding gray and white gear — often called vendor trash by players who up until now had no reason to hold on to it — I’m super excited by this change. It’s amazing. I will absolutely be transmogging to the Trainee’s Sword on at least several of my characters.

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