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WoWJul 14, 2022 11:05 am CT

All the new info we have from the World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha

With so much new information and sneak peeks coming out of the initial World of Warcraft Dragonflight alpha, it’s easy for small bits of information to fall through the cracks. Here’s a roundup of all the coverage we have on the alpha so far, so you can go through it at your leisure and make sure there’s nothing you missed.

Oh, and while you’re here, make sure you’re signed up for the alpha yourself. It bears repeating that Blizzard doesn’t distribute “keys” anymore — keep your account secure!

Blizzard Watch Dragonflight alpha coverage

A look at all the maps in the Dragonflight alpha.

  • A short gallery of the maps of the places we’ll be adventuring through in Dragonflight. Even without place names there are some very interesting, perhaps recognizable structures in play.

We’re getting an additional bag slot in Dragonflight, but it’s just for reagents.

  • People noticed early on that there appeared to be a new bag slot on the UI, but in the alpha, the slot will only accept a reagent bag.

A first look at Dragon Racing (and Dragonriding)

  • We put a couple dragons through their paces in both the Beginner and Advanced Dragon Racing courses. This also gives a feel for how the new Dragonriding mechanic will work in practice.

How to choose, change, save, and swap talents in Dragonflight.

  • Talent trees are coming back in Dragonflight. Here’s a primer on the hands-on mechanics of dealing with them.

All the Alchemy Phials in Dragonflight.

  • A new expansion means new profession recipes. Here are all the Phials we found in the alpha so far — including a few with stats we are totally unclear on at this point.

A look at the new interface menu and options in WoW Dragonflight

  • A gallery of all the new options coming to a UI near you.

Blizzard says gender is a construct with new Body Type options in Dragonflight.

  • One small change we appreciate — removing the gender markers during character creation, instead differentiating using “body type.”

“…that sword.”

  • Will Silithus ever get an update that makes it just a wee bit less stabbed? Not yet, it seems.

Dragonflight alpha coverage from other sources

Dragonriding in Dragonflight: First Impressions, Abilities and List of Customizations from Wowhead

  • Wowhead has their own first impressions on Dragon Racing and Dragon Riding, with extra information on how you’ll be able to customize your dragon.

Dragonriding is the best new WoW feature in 20 years from Taliesin and Evitel

  • Taliesin and Evitel is equally excited about both Tuskarr and the Dragonriding system. This video details why, and shows off how the system works.

Customizing my perfect Dracthyr alt from Hazelnutty Games

  • Hazelnutty looks through the options in the Dracthyr character creator. Buckle up — there are kind of a lot.

Dracthyr Dragon form options and Dracthyr Visage form options from MrGM

  • In fact, there are so many customization options for the new race that MrGM split his video into two.

Devastation Evoker Abilities and Gameplay in WoW Dragonflight from Wowhead

  • A thorough rundown of the abilities of the Evoker’s Devastation spec, including several videos displaying the new animations.

Will Dragonflight’s new UI replace addons? from Hazelnutty Games

  • An in-depth look at the new revamped UI options coming in Dragonflight.

Limited Alpha first impressions and interview with Morgan Day, The Starting Zone Podcast episode #530

  • The Starting Zone split this podcast into two — one hour of the interview with Morgan, and the other discussing their impressions.

Dragonflight Alpha Group interview with Ion Hazzikostas from Wowhead

  • This interview features a rapid fire series of answers on details across the gamut of all things Dragonflight. We wouldn’t expect any less when Ion Hazzikostas is the one giving the answers.
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