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Cute! > Off TopicJul 15, 2022 2:00 pm CT

Enjoy a problem-free philosophy with these magnificent meerkats

Regular readers may recall that we have a highly scientific assessment of adorableness when assembling weekly roundups of animal videos. One of the most valuable features in scoring a high Cuteness Quotient is a boop-able nose. And what critter has a snoot more boop-worthy than that African charmers, the meerkat? Our calculations have confirmed that this mongoose family member ranks with a most impressive CQ, thanks not only to their noses, but also to their huge eyes, sublimely stretchy bodies, and downright hilarious behavior. (The inevitable Lion King earworms that accompany discussions of meerkats do not factor into CQ calculation, but are a delightful bonus.)

Special thanks to Blizzard Watch reader and patron Felinae, who shared the tweet below and suggested tiny meerkats as a cuteness subject! If you have a favorite video or animal that Cuteness HQ should write about one Friday, you can always leave me a suggestion in our Discord.

So tiny!

I think the heart-eyes emoji is really the only appropriate reaction to the above tweet.

Even more tiny!

Romping and wrassling with the sibs.

Meerkats apparently have a sense of humor

Or at least, a sense of self-preservation that is accidentally hilarious.

Fuzziness squared

Pretty sure there’s a mathematic formula for calculating the precise levels of cuteness in a video based on the square footage of fuzzy surfaces.



Something about the still, stoicism here in each of these critters makes me think they’re about to challenge a rival meerkat crew to an epic dance battle. And I’m really sad that video does not exist.

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