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Discussion > WoWAug 11, 2022 8:00 am CT

What changes would you make to class and race restrictions in World of Warcraft?

I think I’ve been pretty up-front in saying I don’t like class restrictions. Dungeons and Dragons gave them up a long time ago now, and I frankly think it was the right call. If your game has multiple playable races, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to play one as any class you want, and I haven’t really changed my mind even with the introduction of Dracthyr Evokers in Dragonflight.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t understand why Evokers are only Dracthyr and Dracthyr are only Evokers — it’s a class and race combination heavily invested in Dragons and Draconic power, after all. But I still would prefer that, even if you left Evokers as Dracthyr only for an expansion or two, Dracthyr get to play as any class. Then again, I would also like all races to be able to play any class. Human Druids. Draenei Warlocks. Void Elf Paladins. I understand in-game lore reasons you might find the idea of a Draenei making pacts with a demon or a Void Elf embracing the Light to be contradictory, but frankly, contradictions like that could make for some excellent role playing.

Imagine a Void Elf who has devoted herself so totally to the Light that she risks the constant, maddening whispers of the Void shrieking in her ears constantly in order to better serve the Light? Imagine the kind of fortitude of self and will that would take? I think it would be an utter blast to play, and I wish it was an option right now. If I had my way, it would be. I would allow any currently impossible combination, because frankly I’d rather let players decide what they get to play.

So what about you? Stay the course? Make some changes? Restrict things more than they currently are? Or open the floodgates? What would you do with race/class restrictions in World of Warcraft?

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