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The QueueAug 24, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Song 2

They meant it as a joke and it’s probably their most popular song. In my opinion at least, it’s absolutely their best song.

It’s the Queue! I’m using exclamation points to feign excitement! In reality my entire body hurts! Getting old sucks! Let’s Queue this!


What do you think the events leading up to the Dragon Isle expansion are going to be? What’s going to be our ‘pre-patch’ events where we gear up for the Dragon Isles? Is Thunk the Peon going to lose his boar farm again? Is Fred the Farmer going to lose his pumpkin patch? What’s our transition from the ‘peace’ of the past few years to the ‘healing of Azeroth’ leading to the Dragon Isles?

One possibility is that we’ll finally get rid of the Sword sticking out of Azeroth. I not only don’t think this is going to happen, I don’t want it to happen. In my mind, that sword is a tangible sign of where we are in terms of the game’s story — We live in an Azeroth that has been scarred and wounded, a world literally bearing the signs of what it has been through since the opening of the Dark Portal.

That sword is the objective correlative of World of Warcraft itself. I never want it gone. I want to see Silithus built up around it, like a massive memorial to all those that died keeping threats like the Legion and the Old Gods and the forces of Death itself from consuming our world. A being who once killed a planet tried to kill our planet, and he failed. Let’s all remember how close he came. Heck, maybe the Night Elves can use that seed that the Winter Queen gave them to turn Silithus into their new home and the giant sword into a giant sword shaped tree.

But I think that might well just be me, and we may instead see a series of quests that finally gets rid of the thing, and everyone but me will be super happy and then leave Silithus and never come back until something else blows the place up again, because there’s nothing there.

Now that we’ve cycled through all of the fated raids, what do you think of Season 4?
Personally, I’m very underwhelmed. The new mechanics aren’t unique enough (as a DPS it just feels like, I’m cleaving onto another target a couple of times a fight), and the rewards don’t feel like they’re really worth it, especially with the systems in place that make it hard to do this content on an alt. And as for the mythic+ train, so many of the fights seem woefully under/overtuned to the point where I’m actively not doing content on certain weeks (Lower Karazhan was nigh impossible this week last week). Frankly, I would have preferred no fancy new season and instead keeping the 3 week XP boost we had until DF.

Oddly enough, since I’m not raiding until Dragonflight and maybe not even then, Season 4 has not really been a big deal for me, but I still feel more positively about it than you seem to. It’s an experiment to see if Blizzard can make that long period between the last content drop of the current expansion and the first signs of the next expansion work out, give people new things to do and keep from feeling that whole “I have been in the Siege of Orgrimmar for ten months” feeling.

Is it perfect? No, and I’ve heard similar complaints from others so I accept that there’s validity here. But as a first step I find it promising.


as a new player, i still don’t get the factions. the horde and alliance very early on feels exactly the same, because i tried both sides and the quests were exactly the same–just replace son with daughter and troll dying from tusk goring to draenei.

then they shunt you off to Kul’Tiras or whatever the troll place name is.

then the war campaign

do you know how..utterly boring it was!? i had no idea, for example, that i could have stayed in eastern kingdom and built up reptuation with humans, or fought to get dark shore back until I’m already ready to go to shadowlands

Honestly, I’ve been playing WoW since 2004, and I don’t know that I get the factions either.

I remember leveling my first Horde character, a Warrior, back in 2005 and thinking that the Horde didn’t feel particularly different from the Alliance. Most of the stuff that was different ended up being quests where I spent an hour of my life running around Azshara looking for pools of bad stuff so that an Apothecary in Undercity could study it to figure out what was poisoning a Tauren, and he did, and then killed her with it in front of me.

I remember being really mad that I couldn’t just shove my big sword through his stomach but that was about it. The quests were locational — Horde and Alliance had different zones, and since they were kind of sort of at War (despite the fact that Thrall and Jaina supposedly wanted peace and we literally fought an army of demons and barely prevented the world from getting destroyed four years ago — four years ago) sometimes the other faction would pop up as the bad guys. So you got Orcs invading and destroying Night Elf lands (kind of a greatest hits thing, honestly, every time the hostility heats up it’s bad news for at least one tree) or Dwarves wandering around Mulgore disturbing the dead for no reason.

The end of Warcraft 3 seemed pretty freaking unambiguous about what was supposed to be going on and it just feels like we keep ignoring it.


He used the zweihander like you’re supposed to!
I’ve never seen that in a game or movie.

I’ve seen it used in person by four different HEMA practitioners and each of them used it differently. One used it as a polearm, another used it as a combination spear/staff with a lot of half-swording, the third guy used it as a bludgeon, and the fourth woman used it as a sword but focused on the middle grip section, her stance and grip were fascinating to watch. From what I understood they were drawing on stuff from the Goliath Fechtbucher, but I’ve never actually read that.

I used to mess around with the one my grandfather had, but it was big and I wasn’t to my full growth yet, so it wasn’t something I could really do much with.


“how queer-coded she is.”
The one who wanted to smooch a boy?

I mean, yeah? My wife’s pan, I’m bi, we both like smooching boys or girls, or even genderfluid people who don’t identify as either. It’s a big rainbow, lots of room to fit under it.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Woo hoo!

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