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The QueueSep 14, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I am so tired

Oh, hi disordered sleeping patterns.

Hey, did you know a bag of potatoes could actually liquify in less than a couple of months and turn into a disgusting slurry of decay and putrescence so nightmarish that H.P. Lovecraft would have stopped being racist long enough to complain that you were using too many adjectives to describe it? No? Well it’s true, and the smell it makes will require you to bust out the cleaning vinegar — oh, and by the way, there’s vinegar that comes in cleaning strength, and it smells so strongly of vinegar that you’ll never believe anything could ever smell bad enough that you’d want to use it to clean anything, but by God a bag of potatoes that have gone Super-Shoggoth on you will absolutely do it — and just scrub every surface where the foul abhorrence of undead potato funk has so much as dripped.

I had to throw out the little blender we used to use for pet food because it was just smothered in potato gunk. Something inside it actually cracked when I lifted it off of the cupboard floor. I did not sleep at all last night just from the memory of the smell.

Anyway, here’s the Queue. Rotten potatoes actually smell worse than dead people, something I wish profoundly I didn’t know.


There’s a surprising amount of people on MMO-C that are agitating for the M+ timer to be removed, and I can’t see the purpose of this.

  1. They are commenters on a webpage talking about World of Warcraft, and any time you get enough of us in one place, the laws of the universe — the laws of the galaxy — require us to agitate for something. Look at how much I agitate for new transmog options. It’s a sickness.
  2. They want M+ to be easier so they can spend more time on it and still get good loot. I may not agree with it, but it seems pretty clear cut to me. I also assume some players are tired of the Move Move Move mentality. We’re not all Slab Bonebroth.
  3. Seriously those potatoes smelled so bad. They’d actually begun eating their way out of the bag. No this has nothing to do with your question, I’m just haunted by it.


I like God of War but I hate Kratos’ hyper-masculine voice

You did not just step to Christopher Judge and say that, Red.

That’s Teal’c. You should be ashamed of yourself.


Did we wish Liz a happy birthday yet!?!

Well, I didn’t, and I feel terrible. So Happy Birthday, Liz.


My hunter has maxed out Cipher equipment. This means that Cypher gear is higher ilevel than LRF set pieces. I have no idea if the set bonuses make up for the stat difference. I guess it would in groups (as the bonus seems to buff Marks cleave through trick shots) but probably not solo. That makes me sad :(

I made the mistake of asking some Hunter friends of mine and they spent a solid 27 minutes explaining to me in depth how the tier bonuses absolutely destroy the ilevel difference.


Yesterday I asked my girlfriend if Frozen was just a Disney-washed adaptation of Ginger Snaps and I think it broke her.

That is a huge slam on Ginger Snaps.


Q4tQ: Nintendo delayed revealing the full title of BotW2 because they felt like it might give too much away. Now that we know the game is named “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” what secrets can we glean from this? Non serious answers only. My money is on magic weeping masonry. All the buildings in the entire kingdom are literally crying.

  1. It’s going to be a good game, and people will overhype it to the point where its flaws enrage me so much that I can’t stand to play it and will instead play Immortals Fenyx Rising, which is just as good but nobody will spend hours telling me about how its the perfect game.
  2. Playable Zelda. I will keep saying thus until it happens.
  3. Seriously I can’t believe how rank those potatoes were.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Those potatoes were worse than you can possibly understand. I’ve seriously worked in abattoirs that smelled better than that. I have no idea if I’ll ever sleep again.

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