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The QueueOct 4, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Another One

Overwatch is dead. Long live Overwatch.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll probably find time to answer in the next lobby, or something.


What would make you play a Tank or a Healer? (Assuming you don’t already.) I’ve done both in the past and it’s a royal pain, but rewarding (free bags of gold, instant group invites) and fun (in a strange sort of way).

I… wouldn’t say I like playing healers. I want to be the super good hair tossing DPS superstar, but I just take to support roles like a duck to water. I don’t think it’s more fun for me, but it’s less stressful (until you get yelled at by someone whose death was their own fault). In other words, I didn’t choose the healer life, the healer life chose me.

Tanking, on the other hand? No. <3


Q4tQ: Let’s say Blizzard finally creates a token system for rare mounts, and you earn 1 token each week you clear any raid / dungeon / world boss / event that has a chance to drop a mount. Then they add a vendor that has every single rare mount drop in the game, and charges 50 tokens per mount. Which one do you buy first? What is the white whale that haunts your mount farming nightmares? For me it is the Infinite Timereaver, which considering I do the Timewalking weekly quest each time it is up on multiple alts, you would think I’d have seen it drop by now.

I’d like to pretend I have a unique, but on-point answer which is both narratively satisfying for my Hunter, and aesthetically pretty. But in reality, if I’m being honest, I’ll hoard them forever and never buy anything.


Q4TQ: Am I a monster for using actual green dragonscales for my green dragon hunter transmog?

I mean, if you’re hunting green dragons, the Hunter MO is to advertise in that way, isn’t it? Wearing the things you’ve killed in a fashion which is honestly almost disrespectful has been a characteristic of Hunter tier appearances since the very first one. You’re just going with the grain, really.

…oh, you mean a Hunter who is a green dragon, not a Hunter whose quarry is green dragons, didn’t you. Oh.



Q4tQ Are you leveling any brand new alts with the return of the Winds of Wisdom buff this week?

This week? Between OW2, keeping up with Battlegrounds, Steam NEXT fest, and all kinds of IRL fall-related festivities, I kinda doubt I’m even going to be logging in to WoW this week.

Not to be all “poor me” or whatever, but I’m finding the social driver to be incredibly important in keeping me invested in things like this. Even the incredibly spurious leaderboards in Duolingo spurs me to compete, even if I know the competition is kind of stupid. Numbers go brrrr.


Adapt songs from musicals to put to World of Warcraft, Go!

Sound of Music (Moooozeic?) – “The Hills are alive with the sounds of Ooooozes”
Mary Poppins – “A spoonful of Corruption makes the Agony go down”
Les Miserables – “No. 24601 (in Queue)”

The obvious answer is World Burn from Mean Girls, as sung by Sylvanas. It’s one of the absolute best villain songs, and it’s already thematically appropriate. Just sub out any references to Cady with Anduin and you’re good. Similarly, Dead Mom from Beetlejuice needs almost no adaption for Anduin.

Is it just me, or does the end of every expansion seem like the finale of Into The Woods? We finally get through everything, we list off how we found the things, sold the cow, killed the giant — to find, to think, to teach, to join, to go to the FEST-i-val — and then at the end, somebody pops up with “I Wish,” and so now we’re back at Once Upon A Time. Again. On the plus side, we get to go through a whole new intro phase, where we usually hang out with a specific character like Hermes, who introduces us to a bunch of the players and the initial plot via a set of quests slightly less obvious than Road to Hell from Hadestown, but certainly less catchy.

And then Moira comes from the wings and belts What Ever Happened To My Part from Spamalot (this one’s for Kalcheus).

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