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WoWDec 9, 2022 5:00 pm CT

The maximum number of quests in WoW’s quest log has increased to 35

Your World of Warcraft characters are getting a fantastic quality of life change, as the maximum number of quests on their quest log is being increased from 25 to 35! This is being done immediately, without the need for players to wait for the next major patch.

In a blue post, Community Manager Kaivax just shared the good news:

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)
We’ve seen feedback about the quest log cap for a long time, and we agree. It’s time to increase it. With a change coming soon today to all Dragonflight realms:

  • The maximum number of quests that a player-character may have has been increased to 35 (was 25).

Have fun taking on (up to) 10 additional adventures!

Players have been asking for a change like this for several expansions now — for many of them, 25 hasn’t been a sufficient number for quite a while. As more and more content is added to the game, new questing avenues keep opening up: besides regular quests that are part of a zone or questing area, players will also accrue quests related to pet battles, PVP, raiding, dungeons, professions, dailies, weeklies, and more. Many players will also keep older quests, from previous expansions, with the goal of coming back to old content later — when that content is soloable.

The bottom line is: as time passes, players have more and more reasons to have a lot of quests in their log, and this problem can only get worse with each new patch and expansion. The increase from 25 to 35 will certainly alleviate it. But some players might ask: why stop at 35? Why not increase it even further? Why even have a limit at all? We don’t have the answers to those questions, but we might speculate.

Every bit of information that is attached to your character — from their name to their level, race, class, the gear they’re wearing, the items they have on their bags and bank, etc. — all of that needs to be stored in a database somewhere, so that the game can access it. This is possibly one of the reasons why bag space has always been limited, historically: Blizzard was reluctant to add more bag space to the default bags for years, until they finally added four extra slots, attached to your authenticator. Similarly, other types of storage solutions have always been limited in nature: Void Storage erases all enchants and gems from your gear — to make it so that there’s less data to save. In Dragonflight, we finally got a 5th bag slot — but it’s for reagents only. It’s possible to hypothesize that, just like with bag space, there are difficulties — whether in terms of database storage, or in terms of code — that make it harder to outright remove the quest log limit as well. There might even be a gameplay balance dimension attached to it: perhaps the designers simply don’t want your characters to have unlimited quests, and there might be valid reasons for it.

Whatever the case, this increase from 25 to 35 quests is a pretty nice change, and it will definitely make our lives easier as we tackle this expansion’s adventures going forward.

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