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5 awesome cards to use at Marvel SNAP’s Featured Location, Vormir

Our exploration of the galaxy continues in Marvel SNAP’s The Power Cosmic season with this week’s Featured Location, Vormir. Featured Locations, for those unaware, typically change over on Tuesdays and make a specific location more likely to appear. Let’s take a look at some great cards to use while Vormir is the Featured Location, though all of these cards will work to your benefit whenever you encounter the Vormir Location in the future.

What is Vormir? What’s the key to winning when Vormir is up?

Fans of the MCU will doubtless remember the key role Vormir played in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. The Stonekeeper, who MCU fans previously knew as Red Skull, stood sentry at Vormir, explaining the terrible cost the Soul Stone demanded. It was at Vormir that Thanos sacrificed his daughter to make a better future for himself, and where Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, and Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow dueled for the right to sacrifice themselves to undo Thanos’ terrible snap. In the comics, Vormir is a rather inconsequential world. It is home to a race of large, lizard-like creatures called Vorms. They have the the ability to fly through space and drain energy from their enemies.

In SNAP, Vormir follows the MCU lore and demands a sacrifice. The first card you play at the Location is destroyed. This is the first card you play, and the first card you opponent plays. If you play Deadpool on turn one, Vormir will destroy it. This turns off Vormir for you, but not for your opponent. If your opponent doesn’t play a card on turn one, but plays Bucky Barnes on turn two, Vormir will destroy his Bucky. Perhaps due to this one-and-done nature, Vormir feels less impactful than other Featured Locations have been. While playing a “destroy” themed deck seems like the Captain Obvious play, Vormir will not disrupt most of other deck strategies to a large degree, especially if you run our first card.

Great cards to use on Vormir


Armor is a great card to slot into your deck if you want to ignore the Featured Location while simultaneously ruining your opponent’s plan to take advantage of it. It does require that your opponent doesn’t have a 1-Energy card to play on turn one, and that your draw your Armor early. Many lists already run Armor like Spectrum-Destroy or Daredevil-Destroy so you may have Armor in your deck anyway.


Destroy decks should love Vormir and seeing Deadpool in your opening hand should bring a smile to your face. Vormir gives you yet another activator for the Merc with a Mouth. The more times you destroy Deadpool the higher his power gets. Like Deadpool, Vormir can act as another activator for other Destroy synergy cards like Wolverine (When this is discarded or destroyed, play it at a random location), Sabertooth (When this is destroyed, return it to your hand. It costs 0), and Bucky Barnes (When this is destroyed, create the Winter Soldier in its place).


Nova also benefits from having another activator in Vormir, but what makes Nova different is it is a buff to your other cards. With Vormir, you can play Nova for the buff without needing to put an activator in your deck. Load up the other locations with cards and then drop Nova as your first card on Vormir on turn four, five, or six. Even if Vormir doesn’t proc in your game, you could give your opponent a strategic conundrum if they want to play Killmonger (On Reveal: Destroy ALL 1-Cost cards). Do they go ahead and play and activate your buff card for you, or not play him and miss out on whatever combo they had planned.


Much like was the case with Klyntar, Vormir allows us to take a card with a positive On Reveal, but some negative downside and mitigate the drawback. The first card that comes to mind is Electro. Having one extra Energy every turn is powerful, but the drawback of only being able to play one card makes it hard to take advantage of the extra Energy. Vormir takes care of that for you by destroying Electro. Mister Negative (On Reveal: Swap the Power and Cost of all cards in your deck) and The Hood (On Reveal: Add a Demon to your hand) are similar, but their downside is their negative Power rather than a problematic Ongoing effect. Vormir takes care of that negative Power by destroying the card, leaving you with just the benefits.


Knull is a Series 5 card that most players may not have yet. The Lord of Symbiotes gains power from every card destroyed, whether it was yours or your opponents. He’s guaranteed to get buffed from Vormir (assuming your opponent didn’t play something like The Hood). If you don’t have Knull, yet, Death’s (Costs 1 less for each card destroyed this game) cost reduction fires whether your own card was destroyed or one of your opponents. She’s a staple in most destroy decks.

What are your ideas?

Choose well who you will sacrifice to Vormir. Whether it is in your Location pool due to the event, or just one of the randomly chosen ones after the event, hopefully these cards and tips help you win! What other great cards have you used with Vormir? Let us know in the comments.

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