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Discussion > WoWJan 10, 2023 8:00 am CT

How would you fix all of Deathwing’s damage to Azeroth, and which zone(s) do you want to see updated most?

World of Warcraft has existed in a post-Cataclysm world for longer now than it did in a pristine world, untouched by Deathwing. Players have grown used to that big scar in the middle of The Barrens, and have collectively spent more time flying over it than trying to find Olgra for Mankrik. Which is kinda sad.

Sure, the truth is that WoW Classic exists now, and players can experience that unbroken world through that game. But… it’s still a different game. On “retail” WoW, does it still make sense for us to have a huge whirlwind in the middle of Westfall? Lava rolling all over Ashenvale? An enormous zone called Loch Modan that doesn’t really have a loch on it? Nay, I say!

Many players have expressed that they want to see the damage done by Deathwing undone. Enough time has passed now for the world to be fixed — especially considering that Azeroth has Druids and Shamans and others that might help the lands heal. But lore is certainly not the biggest impediment to the mending of Azeroth — it would take a considerable amount of time and resources to redo those zones. Which doesn’t mean that it isn’t a worthwhile goal, nonetheless; there simply needs to be a real, concrete, feasible way to do it.

Personally, I feel like the correct answer is already in the game — we did get a few zone revamps over the past few expansions, after all. Darkshore, Arathi Highlands, Tirisfal Glades, and Silithus are all zones that have been remade with new content that applies to max level players — in addition to friendly Bronze Dragon NPCs that allow players to still visit their old, broken forms. I’d revamp zones one or two at a time, over major patches, bringing them new content that caters to max-level players, while ensuring that the stories being told in them are self-contained and timeless, allowing players to level in them in the future.

Dragonflight feels like an expansion where we’re taking a breather and collecting our pieces after so many world-ending threats, so it’s a natural springboard for such a development. The only issue is that by revamping zones like this, it would take a very long time — decades, probably — for every zone on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to finally be revamped. Still, some zones need it more than others.

What do you think? Would you like to see the developers revamping those old zones, adding new content to them, and “fixing” them from the state Deathwing left them in? How would you do that? Would you rather see another whole expansion dedicated to that goal — an “anti-Cataclysm,” if you will — or would you prefer to see it done slowly, over time? Do you see any other possible ways that the world could be fixed? Or do you simply not care about those old zones, and would rather leave them as they are?

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