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WoWJan 27, 2023 4:00 pm CT

How to beat the Storm’s Fury event and get yourself an epic ring, necklace, or trinket

The Storm’s Fury World Event, new for patch 10.0.5, is similar to past events due to its reoccurring nature, which allows you to farm for epic loots and other prizes like a battle pet, a mount, and other baubles of victory.

But what is Storm’s Fury? Where can it be found? What do you do once you get in there? How do you beat the event in order to collect your goodies?

Here are the details on this new way to kick the Primalists in their elemental worshipping keisters.

The Temporal Conflux is where you’ll get started

In order to unlock the event, you need to go to the Temporal Conflux in Thaldraszus. Head through the portal to the Primalist Future. Once you’re in there, Soridormi will give you the quest to stop the Primalists from summoning an army of elemental monsters through portals in the area.

However, there’s a bit of a complication. The Primalists have made the area so cold that a stacking debuff called Freezing will be making it harder and harder to not die. There are various ways to counteract this — for example, the handsome Tarnormu will sell you Field Deployable Heat Sources that you can drop to enable the stacking Warmth buff that will clear your Freezing stacks while it’s up. This is the first and easiest way, but you can also get the various epic items from the quartermaster Brendormi. We’ll talk more about them later.

Once you’re in the Primalist Future — and you’ve got your means to not freeze to death — you need to find the portals scattered throughout the area. They’re marked pretty clearly on the zone map, as is the location of the elemental monster boss that’s spawned for this particular Storm’s Fury event — there are four in total, one for each element. The portals require you to kill mobs near them in order to shut them down, and are good places to deploy your Field Deployable Heat Sources. Remember, they don’t just warm you, they warm everyone in range of them, so they’re good to use when there’s lots of folks around. Mobs drop the same Elemental Overflow currency as the Primal Storms, so if you’re farming up for that gear you can run this event and get more of it as well.

Kill the Elemental Monsters, get loot — eventually

They’re not hard in terms of complex mechanics, but once you clear the four portals, Soridormi will inform you that the Primalists managed to summon an Elemental Monster and you need to kill it, and even though there was a hotfix to the difficulty of the battle, I’m still advising you to take it seriously. The boss I fought, Glakis, Winter’s Wrath, hit like a truck you borrowed money from, throws AOE damage around like Rip Taylor on amphetamines, and has more health than a Heroic Vault boss. Plus he likes to summon several mobs that come and shield him while he does even more AOE damage, so this fight is basically the Super Bowl for making melee DPS cry and I honestly can’t imagine it’s all that much better for anyone.

The most recent hotfix made a variety of changes to the Storm’s Fury event. In the case of Glakis himself, it also reduced the health of his Winter’s Aegis helpers — the ones who throw up a damage shield and then have to be DPSed down. That change is great because they took a very long time to kill, which was excruciating when Glakis himself is dumping AOE all over you. It also reduced all of the Elemental Monsters health pools, making the whole event less of a slog.

Once you kill whoever you’re fighting, all that’s left to do is head back to Brendormi. She’ll reward you with a chunk of Essence of the Storm — the new currency that is used to buy items from her, and takes up a bag slot instead of being on the currency tab — as well as the Glowing Primalist Cache, with a chance for Primalist gear, two Storm Sigils, gold, and Dragon Isles supplies. The cache is epic the first time you do this event, but appears to be rare afterwards, similar to how other caches — like the one Wrathion or Sabellian gives you — work.

So now you have yet another currency to keep track of! Just what you always wanted. But how does that translate into getting gear and other rewards?

Brendormi has wares if you have coin

As you can see above, Brendormi carries a variety of treasures, some of which will make your later attempts at Storm’s Fury go more smoothly. He only accepts Essence of the Storm and Elemental Overflow for his items.

  • Rings: Chronologically Unstable Loop and Bronze Band of Destinies — 23 Essence of the Storm, 525 Elemental Overflow. They were ilevel 389 for both of the characters I took through the event, providing a choice between the Unstable Loop’s Crit and Haster and the Bronze Band’s Versatility and Mastery. Both rings also grant the ability to remove a stack of Freezing every 11 seconds.
  • Neck: Heat of Primal Winter — 30 Essence of the Storm, 750 Elemental Overflow. This 389 neck item with Haste and Mastery duplicates the effect of the Field Deployable Heat Source as a use ability. It does not appear to have a cooldown.
  • Trinket: Sands of Temporal Perfection — 40 Essence of the Storm, 1000 Elemental Overflow. A 389 trinket which provides a chunk of your Primary stat (Strength, Agi or Int depending) as well as a chance to create a pocket of altered time that grants you a chunk of haste and movement speed while you’re standing in it.
  • Toy: Chasing Storm — 75 Essence of the Storm, 1200 Elemental Overflow. You call up a miniature storm which chases your allies around.
  • Battle Pet: Time-Lost Vorquil Foal — 105 Essence of the Storm, 1500 Elemental Overflow. The cutest little dragon-deer baby you’ve ever seen. I’m not going to try and sell you here, half of you don’t care and the other half would burn Stormwind and Orgrimmar into the ground for a pet this cute.
  • Mount: Skyskin Hornstrider 150 Essence of the Storm, 1500 Elemental Overflow. It looks like it’s had a bad day.
  • Stormed Primalist Cache — 30 Essence of the Storm. Allows you to convert your Essence of the Storm into Storm Sigils, as well as giving you a chance at other Primalist gear and cosmetic weapons and rewards. It’s not a very generous conversion, since each Cache has a single Storm Sigil, but at least it doesn’t cost Elemental Overflow.

This recurring event will give us new ways to shore up holes in our gear, but as usual, the real prize are all the other new fun things to collect. Get in there and grind up the currency for some jewelry, y’all.

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